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Alright, so...I finally got a new graphics card and power supply, and my computer is now able to actually run games (hooray!). Got my shiny new copy of DA:O Ultimate Edition in the mail today, so I'm ready to start doing the whole "mods" thing!



Um, no, not quite. You see, I found dragonagenexus. Found a couple mods that look fun (dialog fix, zevasap, etc)--but I have no idea how to actually add mods to my game.

So, is there some kind of tutorial out there for people like me who know almost nothing (okay, absolutely nothing) about technical computer stuff? Is this something that's going to be way over my head, and I should just quit now before I tear my hair out? Or is it really simple and I'm just missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Well, for those who want to fly through a DAO playthrough in order to rebuild a lost character or establish a new canon save for importing to DA2 or whatever, we have a new mod that was a long time in coming:

Skip Fight.

No more having to fumble-finger my way through typing "runscript killallhostiles" over and over again. Nope. Just drop this thingymabob on my task bar and click.

I approve.

Now we just need "Skip the Deep Roads" and my life is complete.
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For well over a year, my game ran beautifully. Now, I am desperately seeking help for a problem with DA:O that's suddenly gotten much worse. I'm hoping that someone more technically savvy than I am can come up with a solution.

EDIT: Problem solved thanks to the lovely amhran_comhrac. A new video card is in my future.

Technical info here.... )
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Or, how to manually edit the chargenmorph file!

So... we all know the preset faces SUCK THE SLOTH DEMON, yes? Of course they do. Granted, we're not talking Oblivion, where you honestly wonder if the designers had ever actually SEEN a human before, but still... they're not pretty. And if there's anything we know, it's that THEDAS IS FOR PRETTY PEOPLE.

Sure, it isn't too tough to just rename a file and stick it in the override folder to replace one of them. Right? (at this point if you're not saying right... you may want to take a step back since I don't want to have anybody breaking their game or anything. You should already be pretty comfortable installing mods in DAO if you want to try this out.)

But... what if you want to add more? What if eight presets just AREN'T ENOUGH?

Well, you can hope and pray someone made a modified chargenmorpcfg.xml file for you, mash it with the one you already have using something like this utility... only to find out the lovely faces you saw on Nexus are only set up for replacement. And then you can sit and wonder, of those eighty faces, which eight will be the winners. Or you can find one with the most absolutely perfect male elf (and Maker knows they're not easy to do!)... and then three or four others that look like they fell off a truck face first into the ugly patch. Why take all when you just want Mr. Handsome? You don't have to!

You can  take that chargenmorph file and make it your BITCH.

Seriously, if you can type and you can install a mod, you can do this. I promise.

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00Dadio has made some really nice Zevran armor for PC modders.  Below is a screen cap with the Phoenix blades.  I love the Crow emblem accents and the black leather with silver chain mail.  Thought I'd alert all you Zev fans out there in case you wanted to download the mod.

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Loghain-fans everywhere rejoice! (sorry, was channeling Minsc there, and that is entirely your fault, 1smut_princess)

My good fairy at deviantArt just told me about her current project :

A brand new Loghain-Romance-Mod. Some things already work (like kissing and sex) - and other than in chibievil's one, Loghain doesn't hightail it from camp after sleeping with your character :D, and if you want to kiss him on the road, he reacts somewhat embarrassed, and some of the companions react to it. And he is generally friendlier to you, saying "Need something? Say the word." instead of "I suppose, I have a moment...", and the goofy smile he has on his face right before the kiss is now an avatar XD
If you kiss him in camp he says "I'd be delighted to" - and if you ask him to sleep with you, he says "I intend to satisfy you." - I'm still squeeing.

A Gwaren level is in the works, as are custom animations (one of them the grab the braids smooch from my fanfic - I feel so loved right now), a war-horse and many other things.

If you like Loghain, go and check it out!

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I used Valendrian's base model in the toolset to create a new male elf preset and would like some feedback.  He looks alot like Zevran, lol.  But from me, that's probably expected, however, it wasn't my intention.  Should I bother putting it up at The Nexus for others to use?

I am copying my post at my account here instead of all the pics so I don't fill this site up with them.  I hope this works, I haven't gotten around to learning to do cuts and all that.

Thank you!

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Dunno if any of you have picked up on this at any point. There's a mod that provides the Witcher armour and weapons - they got CDProjekt's permission to use it too, which is marvellous.

Anyway, it's currently for human and elven males only and is bloody gorgeous. Here be a piccie of it:
Picture and link to the mod behind the cut. )
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If there has been one feature of DAO I feel I have been missing getting the most out of in the time I've been playing, it's the more challenging combat. Mostly, this hasn't been a problem because I've been doing RP playthroughs where it doesn't matter that I'm on easy mode. But even with mods that should make it possible for me to be able to play on Normal or even Hard mode, I still can't.

Part of the problem is, I think, that my computer is a bit too slow for the game. I meet the minimum specs, but there still seems to be some sort of response lag. I can throw a bomb and it will be well over a minute before it detonates. I can take aim at a TRASH mob and be attacking it for 30-60 seconds before its health bar ever drops below 100%. So it's taking a prohibitively long time for me to clear out even trash, and all the while the trash is pounding on my companions. I had to download a mod that added a bunch of elite militia at Redcliffe to have even a hope of getting through the siege with any of the town's militia alive. And that was on Normal mode.

Lag issues aside, I suspect my other problem to be that I'm not building my companions or using the tactics efficiently. Mostly, I take the "default" tactics set and tweak it a little to add things like lyrium and health potion usage.

I've decided before DA2 comes out, I want to do one final playthrough of DAO and Awakening, and I want to challenge myself a bit and do it on a harder mode. I think I will uninstall all but the most crucial mods (the ones that fix bugs and things like Advanced Tactics) to see if that helps the response lag. But I also want to get the most out of my companions and their tactics.

So, hit me. How do you have your companions built and how do you deploy them?
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While recovering from this horrible bout of pneumonia it just dawned on me that it seems like more women mod for this game then.

I know the Dark Times crew are a mix of men and women and a few stand alone modules have been made by men, but some of the best game enhancements  have been done by women. I have female friends who have opened up the toolset and boosted their games by making pendants and other type of weapons.

It sure would be interesting to know the percentage of women who play this game.
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Available here

Just thought I'd post in case people were looking for something different. :-)

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I am literally crying. Oh, Maker...

I just tried the More Options at the Pearl mod. It is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen in DAO ever. Seriously.

I had Mira choose Zev and Alistair. The intro has the camera on the boys and then shows pieces of armor being flung onto the floor. I'm playing with Natural Bodies, so of course, everyone's naked and the guys have hard ons. The mod has them doing practically everything you can think of without bringing toys in, all with snippets of dialogue from other places in the game. And to top it all off, the mod's really animated with humans in mind, which means that Alistair's dick was in Mira's eye when she was trying to blow him. Because of the limitations of the engine itself, Mira's o-face is the same as her deeply concerned face, both of which make her look vaguely bored when Alistair's going down on her. ("Blue...I think I'll paint the")

Since that was so much fun, I decided to try one of the other options. I got Mira, Amber (the Pearl employee you have to talk to to trigger the whole thing), Leliana and Morrigan. There was Morrigan being spanked, among other things.

The Duncan/Cailan/F!Warden...well, let's just say that one really only works with the human female warden. Also, for some reason the modder made Duncan resemble Liam Neeson in more ways than one.

I honestly can't remember when I've last laughed this hard.
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Its not the same quality as Dahlialynn's wedding mod, but pretty good nevertheless. I give it a B for quality and an A for effort. :-)

Youtube is available on the link. It would not let me post it for some reason. Here is a picture.

Lazy, me?

Jan. 1st, 2011 11:05 pm
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Having just come back to the game for another run after playing AC2, I've remembered which mod I wish existed.  So I thought I'd ask you lot, in case it is out there.

DA really needs a mod so that you can travel to camp freely from <i>anywhere</i> not just from some places, and some exit points.  Does it exist?
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Found it by accident while perusing Nexus and looking at the images.

I found the link to the hair mod on this page and if you scroll through more images, there are other screenshots with the characters using different hairstyles.      and it lead me to this link for the mod

Here's another pic.

Just thought I'd share! Happy New year!  :-)

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Just thought I'd share in case people wanted something different for their mages.  :-)

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Found this on Nexus and I thought I'd post it in case others liked it. :-)

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These are male and female Cousland presets I did.  Painstaking process of blending their mother and father to make them resemble both parents.  Follow the directions on the site and you can have these as playable characters in your PC DAO game.  Just keep in mind that the male Cousland doesn't look nearly as good in the creator as he does in-game.

I'm sure the images will be huge again, so I'm just putting up one of each.  You can see the rest at the link above.

Female Cousland with Furu armor and Elven weapons mods.

Male Cousland with More Hairstyles hair

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I'll go ahead and put all of my morphs up here.  They're all at Nexus.  EDITED, SORRY!  The images are huge here.

Images for the 2 files are below.  Main file is Duncan hair with blue, realistic eyes and the optional file is Duncan hair with Alistair's original eye color.  Please see the website linked for other mods you need to make this work, and credits to the other modders whose hair and eye texture mods I use in the toolset.


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March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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