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So, I got eaten by RL and RP over at Warden's Vigil and all those other things that make a person not able to write fic. Nathaniel Howe week over on tumblr finally got me off my ass to update my fic and come of my no writing hole.

Title: The Enemy Inside, Chapter 24 "Reunions"
Pairing: Cousland/Nathaniel Howe
Rating: M
Summary: Nathaniel and Elizabeth reunite from people from their pasts.

The Links
FFNet | AO3
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Title: Forged In Fire
Pairing: You'll see ;)
Rating: M (for violence mainly)
Warnings: uh none - as far as I can tell, anyway.
Summary: We can't always help who we fall in love with. Elissa Cousland's choice in betrothed defied her family's comprehension but for Elissa, he was the man she would love for the rest of her life. But when the Fifth Blight comes, and her world goes to pieces around her, Elissa finds herself torn between duty and desire. Now she’s not sure - not whether she can love him - but whether she should.

Link to Chapter 1

Link to Chapter 2

Link to Chapter 3

Note: I've been posting on Fanfiction.net (as Lady Urquentha - the name sucks but its kinda late to change it after 8 years or so) for the last couple of weeks, so if you recognise the first two chapters, that's why. The third chapter has just been posted today though, so it should be new.

2nd note: Err, I screwed up the tags...how do I fix it? Someone help!

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Much love as always to [personal profile] bellaknoti the Comma Fairy, who kindly tidies up my chapters.

Link to the beginning, for anyone joining us for the first time: www.fanfiction.net/s/6144534/1/Trouble_Strife

Trouble & Strife: Chapter Fifty Six
Characters: today we have Alistair, Maddy, Zevran, Philippe, Leliana, Anders, Fergus and Brother Guido
Rating: T
This chapter:  Reunited...


Read more... )


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DAO/DA2 gameplay, fanwork, and mod community


March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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