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Title: The Game Begins
Fandom: As the Gods Will
Music: The Game Begins, from the Death Note musical, performed by Teppei Koike
Length: 2:53 min
Download: 1280x536, 35.9MB .624 mp4
Elsewhere: on AO3
Content notes: Stylised gore. Suicidal ideation.

Summary: Death games as a solution to teenage apathy.

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Oct. 14th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Remind me to never again do a game jam during the holidays.

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Oct. 12th, 2017 08:18 am
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Boston Medical Center, I appreciate your desire to reach the general public with messages encouraging folks with breasts to show up for mammograms, esp. since this is October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But could you PLEASE not do it with ads on Pandora where you have your mammogram machine (which sounds like a middle-aged white woman named Pam or Kimberly or something) sing breast-themed versions of Salt-N-Pepa music into someone's answering machine? I'm allowed to listen to Pandora at work, but I keep having to scramble to hit the mute button on my computer because it goes from nice shapeless calming ambient to LET'S TALK ABOUT BREAST HEALTH PLEASE, LET'S TALK ABOUT-



Oct. 11th, 2017 11:27 pm
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Although I was born in the Midwest, spent much of my childhood in Iowa, and have lived in San Francisco for nearly 18 years now, I consider my hometown to be Santa Rosa, California, where my family moved when I was 13. It's where I went to junior high and high school, the city where my parents still live, and the place both my brothers went back to when it was time to go home.

And I've spent the last three days watching it burn.

This got a little long. )

Q3 Reading Goals Check-In

Oct. 10th, 2017 10:40 pm
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So, I've fallen behind on reading. I can pinpoint two reasons for this: it's taking me a good a month to read The Stone Sky (not that it isn't very good, but I'm finding it slow going), and I find I want to spend my media time watching TV or listening to podcasts instead. There's no particular reason for this, that I can discern; it's just where my head as been at lately.

Anyway, my goals are posted here, and my last check-in, from July, is here. I have currently read 26 books, still quite a bit behind the pace to hit a goal of 50. Of these, 8 books are by authors of color, or about 30%; not great, but by author I'm at 8 out of 18, a slightly more respectable 44%. And since I've read most of the books in series I plan to read this year, I hope for that percentage to go up. Still no non-fiction (although Trevor Noah's memoir is on deck next -- I need to read it in time to give back to my aunt on Thanksgiving) or graphic novels, and I continue to fail at getting older books off my TBR. Why do great new books need to keep coming out? Why? I will never read everything ever written at this pace.

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Oct. 10th, 2017 08:58 am
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So I learned a new wrapping technique from Gayle Bird Designs at Craftsy this weekend.

Turns out it's really fast, and looks awfully fancy into the bargain. )

Yuletide letter (yes really)

Oct. 8th, 2017 10:50 pm
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Dear Yuletide author,

Thanks for writing me my very first Yuletide story ever! I'm excited to participate for the first time. While I'm sure anything you write will be great, and I included suggested prompts on my sign-up I wanted to share some of my general likes and dislikes.

In general:

My favorite fanworks are almost always grounded in canon somehow -- missing scenes, what happened before or after the story we saw, delving into someone's thoughts motivations. What-if AUs are great, too, but I prefer seeing canon as the clear jumping off point. I'm less interested in crossovers, fusions, or stories that take the characters and put them in an unfamiliar setting. I am never here for character or ship bashing, and I am particularly protective of the female characters that I love.

I love gen fic, friendship fic, family of choice fic, and romance. I tend to be more interested in het or F/F slash than in M/M slash. I tend to prefer vanilla to kinky (with the exception of threesomes), lots of feelings to porn without plot, and reality-grounded stories to crack. I dislike stories with consent issues: rape, incest, large age differences (especially if one character is a minor and the other is not), sexual situations with prepubescent children, and extreme power differentials. My favorite trope of all time is separation and reunion, and this applies to family and friends as well as lovers.

I hope this is enough to get you started! Thanks again for writing, and have fun! I'm sure as long as you love what you're doing, I'll love it, too.
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For more about the Something on Sunday project, see [ profile] readingtheend's post explaining her vision.

First of all, the main thing for this week is that T is home after almost two weeks away. I think I've taken a couple of nine-day trips without him since we've been together, but it's not common, and it's rare for him to travel without me at all, much less for this long. So that makes me happy: both having him around again, and not having to hold down the fort by myself.

Secondly, this week's episode of Critical Role, which I was able to watch live, was huge, and amazing, and heart-breaking, and stand-up-and-cheer awesome. Vox Machina took on their final boss, and I almost could not have hoped for more. Cut for major spoilers. )


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DAO/DA2 gameplay, fanwork, and mod community


March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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