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Title: The Blade
Author: [personal profile] silverr 
Fandom: Dragon Age 2
Character/Pairings:  Fenris, Hawke, Hawke/Fenris, Fenris/Hawke
Length: @ 1300 words
Rating: M
Summary: A gift, an accusation, an interlude. Hawke challenges Fenris to move beyond the slave mentality.

At first it seemed that Fenris would take the gift – he'd recognized it at once, mentioned that it was considered a sign of esteem, even shown Hawke its hidden golden glow – but as always the topic circled back to Danarius.

Note: First story for this fandom, written for my [community profile] fandom_helps  bidder [personal profile] wook77 . Neither the gender nor the class of this Hawke are specified.

(and it seemed odd to use all 4 Hawke tags, so I didn't use any. :p)

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Title:  What Would You Have of Me?
Fandom:  Dragon Age II
Words:  2000
Characters:  Marian Hawke/Cullen
Rating:  M (sexual content)
Summary: Knight Captain Cullen and the Champion of Kirkwall engage in absolutely shameful (fully clothed) NSFW activities while Cullen is on the job.  (Assumes Cullen and Marian Hawke became secretive, committed lovers sometime after Hawke was declared Champion of Kirkwall. This story occurs right after that ass-biter of a battle with the High Dragon in the Bone Pit during Act III.)

Read on AO3  or  Read on

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Title: Stitches
Fandom: Dragon Age II
Word count: 3968
Characters: Aveline, Merrill, m!Hawke/Anders, Varric, Isabela, Fenris, Sebastian, minor characters
Rating: G

Summary: An unusually cold winter descends on Kirkwall. One of Hawke's gifts to Anders has unintended consequences, and a little-known hobby of Aveline's causes a stir.

Here @ AO3; here @ my Dreamwidth.
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Title: Anders and the Lord of Pounce
Words: 824
Genre(s): General
Rating: Rated: K
Summary: Just a little drabble explaining the origins of how that drawing of
Ser Pounce got into that old textbook the Warden finds in Witch Hunt.
Characters: Anders, Finn, obligatory douche templar, Enchanter Sweeney

I am the Lord of the Pounce said he.

Lord of Pounce is a song by Marc Gunn. It's rather adorable. Imagine this as the horrible lute song Anders in DA2 would play horribly.
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Title: The Naughty Smuggler
Characters: Cullen, Isabela
Rating: T
Wordcount: 1300
Summary: Cullen gets an unexpected late night visitor and a story. He's not quite sure what to make of either. Isabela has a bit of fun tormenting the poor Knight-Captain with her latest friend-fiction.

I wrote this for [personal profile] cherith as part of the gift exchange on Tumblr. I thought you guys might enjoy it too! Thank you to [personal profile] aithne and [personal profile] sagacious_rage for helping me clean this up.

Without warning, a woman's purr intruded on his privacy... )

As We Are

Feb. 2nd, 2012 12:13 am
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Title: As We Are
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word Count: 2433
Summary: Ser Thrask lost his daughter, Olivia, twice. Once to the Gallows,  and once to the demons. As the situation in Kirkwall worsens, he forges  an unlikely friendship with the erstwhile apostate, Grace. One quiet  evening on the Wounded Coast, he tells her of his past.
Author's Note: Here is my entry for the Dragon Age: Asunder creative writing contest! The title is from an Anais Nin quote “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” There are no warnings for this story. Congratulations to all the winners. Frankly I’m more than a little astounded to be in the august company of the top twenty. I hope that my contribution lives up to it! Many thanks to [personal profile] aithne and [personal profile] solitae for the betas!

That must have been awkward for a man in your position. )
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I had a lot of fun with mine.

Congrats, Scary Lady for making the top five! Also to Sagacious Rage for making the top twenty!

He had told himself that it was the Blight that had driven them separate ways. )
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HERE'S MINE! I had fun. I hope they hold another one sometime. Congratulations to [personal profile] scarylady for getting in the top five. She is awesome.

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Now that that the Asunder Writing Challenge is finished, I feel safe posting my entry.  Gratz to PoT's Scarylady for getting in the top 5!

Many, many thanks and hugs to Zevgirl for proofing this story for me.

All Chant of the Light verses are the property of Bioware.

Chaff in the Wind

Link is here since I couldn't get formatting to work! LOL

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I've finally caved and posted my entry for the DA Asunder Creative Writing Challenge on FF. Today is the day that Bioware are to announce the winners, and if nothing else is capable of distracting me, reviews certainly would.  All feedback gratefully received.

*goes back to chewing fingernails*

: Powerless
Word Count: 2500
Rating: suitable for all, I think.

For six generations the Laurentius family bred true; mage marrying mage to create a line of powerful Magisters. In Tevinter high society, if one is not a mage, then one is a liability, at the mercy of predatory Magisters and their… pets.

At fifteen, Livia Laurentius - daughter of Magister Lucretius and his powerful wife Cornelia - has demonstrated not a single spark of magic. Her future hangs in the balance; her parents are a hairsbreadth from sending her to Orlais for her own safety.

Lucretius sees no alternative, but Cornelia has an audacious idea.

It’s time for drastic measures.

EDITED SOME HOURS LATER:   I  made the top five!  Woohoo!!!

EDITED AGAIN NEXT DAY:  FF have now got their act together and the story link should be working again.  Sorry to mess you all around!

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Title: Sweetheart
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Wynne/anon!Templar, briefly mentioned mage!Warden/Alistair
Words: Approx. 1020
Summary: History repeats itself, in the end. Wynne reflects on mages and templars.
A/N: A prompt response that ran away with me.
She recognises all the awkward movements and almost-said confessions. )
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Title: Sylaise's Lament
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Word Count: 2408
Story Summary: Merrill and Lyna find a moment to themselves before the eluvian is discovered and everything changes.
Author's Note: Secret Swooper gift for [ profile] spirit_dog! One of her requests was Mahariel/Merrill f!slash. I've never actually written any f!slash at all, despite my interest in it. And I couldn't quite get these two to go full smut. But I hope you like it anyway!

Many thanks to [personal profile] solitae, [personal profile] captainwolfos and [personal profile] aithne for the betas!

Sylaise's Lament )
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Title: Little Gifts
Author: Rhion
Rating: T
Disclaimer: DAO is owned by BioWare, Laran is owned by Zevran or vice versa, or, well, Croaky. Mutual symbiotic ownage?
Summary: It was the night before Saturnalia, and all through the camp, all was silent...all was well.
AN: Croaky/Teapirate has a birthday, as we all do. It is just that Croaky’s lands on an...awkward day. While people are giving season’s greetings and all that, Croaky is like “Yeah, Birthday? Anyone?” So, I’m totally trying to do something about that, even a little thing like this. Because, frankly? No one deserves that poo end of the stick.
Also, I thought putting Zev’s bday on the day before Saturnalia would be awesome as the poor man never had a present in his life, it would also be kinda...poignant that he receives a ‘replacement’ to the connection to his mother on his birthday - also bein’ the anniversary of his mom’s death - but in a Totally Non Depressing Way. Apropos.
Working on the Secret Santa story also, kicking it into submission. Blarg.

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Things have been very busy on the DA2 front lately -- I finally started a second game, as an aggressive f!Hawke mage, romancing Fenris, I was home sick most of the week and so got to play quite a lot, and in the last few days all of that coalesced into some ficlets.

Title: Solace and Solitude
Rating: T
Characters: Fenris/f!Hawke
Spoilers: Through "All That Remains"
Notes: New Hawke, new LI, new take on this scene. Fenris considers how to best offer his condolences.

On DW / On LJ / On AO3


Title: Brotherhood
Rating: G
Characters: Warden!Alistair, Warden!Carver
Spoilers: Through the end of Act Two
Notes: Inspired by meeting Carver again, and by Carver Week on Tumblr. I've fallen so hard for Carver. Maybe it's being the older sister of a snarky younger brother, but I just love him, and his dynamic with my f!Hawke -- they're mostly rivals, but they care a great deal as well. I'm really looking forward to running him through Legacy.

On Tumblr / On AO3
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A secret santa gift for [personal profile] sleepyowlet, who requested "Loghain solo or Loghain/f!Warden (perhaps one of mine?)."

Story is inspired by her "Simple Things" artwork on deviantArt and references Ceridwen Amell from her "Truth or Dare" and "A Sensible Reason" stories.

Title: Simple Things
Characters: Loghain
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,524
Summary: Loghain mentally prepares himself for the upcoming Landsmeet and his showdown with Ceridwen Amell.

Loghain leaned back against the door of his room, and squeezed the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes and breathing in deeply several times. )
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I'm first, I'm first!  *dances*

Seasons Greetings to [personal profile] feckless_muse , who asked for 'something a little off beat fluffy and/or steamy'. 

Now, usually I'm up with the steamy, but this time it was fluff that invaded my brain.  I do hope you like it!  Love and hugs as always to the Comma Fairy, [personal profile] bellaknoti , for being my beta.

Title: The Basra Box
Words: 2252
Characters: Sten and a chorus of other Qunari
Summary: In the Qun everything is orderly; everyone and everything has its place.  Outside... not so much.


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For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


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