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 (If you haven't been following the story or have lost track of it, the link at bottom takes you to the archive.)

 Title:  You Can’t Stop Falling (Ménage 20)

Words: 1877

Rating: G

Characters: Philomene/Zevran/(Alistair in the Fade) featuring Sigrun, Velanna, and the Architect

Summary: In which we learn that sylvan ambushes and arcane floor traps are bad ways to introduce oneself to new friends.


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An AU to Wings of the Storm Crow

Title: Unfortunate Epiphanies (Chapter Thirty-Four)
Rating: AO
Pairing: Alistair/Lily
Summary: Okay, it's not so bad, right? I mean, I managed to talk my way into Vigil's Keep, had a couple of decent meals and a good night's rest in a soft bed, and now I get to go into a new city and explore a new market so we can supply before heading south. Things are looking up.

[personal profile] scarylady is very awesome, and fixes all the injustices and horrible liberties I take with the language without even meaning to.

Unfortunate Epiphanies )

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Title: You could perform for children
Words: 1400
Characters: Anders, Nate, Sigrun, Oghren, Leonie Caron
Summary: Anders doesn't like being Warden Commander.
Title art by the astonishing Nazgullow

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 (Yes, the author does plan to be quicker than one chapter every couple of months from now on. She thanks you for your indulgence.)

 Title:   The Language of Flowers (Ménage 14)

Words: 2469

Rating: PG-13 for dwarven sexual harassment

Characters: Alistair/f!Surana (Philoméne) (/Zevran?) featuring Sigrun, Oghren, Anders, Nathaniel, and the Keep peeps

Summary: Seriously, Nathaniel, what’s with all this crap in your basement?

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Title: Twilight in Thedas
Rating: AO
Character pairings: Zevran/Alistair, Anders/f!Surana, Fenris/f!Hawke, Nathaniel/Leliana
Summary: After Queen Anora is assassinated, Zevran returns to Ferelden to assist Alistair in uncovering a conspiracy. In Kirkwall, tensions grow between the templars and the magi. The fate of Ferelden and the Free Marches rests in the hands of the heroes from DA Origins and DA2.

I haven't updated this story on this website recently, so here's the latest chapter! It's really become quite the monster, but Zevgirl has been kind enough to keep it leashed and somewhat readable. If you wish to read the entire story, it can be found here:


Happy new year and happy birthday to Zevgirl!

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Title: Secret Service Part 7: Celebration
Pairing: Alistair/Zevran/M!Cousland
Rating: M  (M! I've never managed an Secret Service below AO yet!  I must be slacking.)
Word Count: about 5.5k

Those of you who enjoy SS may thank xlionxlambx over on SiB for this.  It's my Secret Swooper gift to her cos she likes Alistair/Zev/Cousland and smut, so I had no hesitation in diving into 'Wot the SS boys do for Satinalia'.

Unfortunately it has come out astonishingly smut-lite. *runs away before anyone can lynch me*

Warning: references to D/s and BSDM relationships, but nothing hugely explicit. (Boooo!)


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So tumblr is this thing I do. It's addictive. And there's this meme thingy going around for three sentence fics. OYD posted hers yesterday, read them they are awesome.
At the moment I'm having some serious writer's block, which is fantastic and of course coinciding with Na No Wri Mo - so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things by writing little short drabbles from all my universes. This is the first collection of them. I've done about 2k in drabbles over the past couple of days, I'm hoping that will translate into some actual long fic soon.
Also if anyone is interested in dropping me a prompt for a three sentence fic, my tumblr is and here is a link to my ask box.
I'm always up for prompts, but sometimes I'll respond quicker than others . Three sentences in ANY universe I write, or even a couple you haven't seen me write in before! (I'll also write Final Fantasy 7,8, 10, 10-2 and 12, and I'll even try my hand at Doctor Who or Harry Potter if you REALLY want).

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Title: Weird is Relative
Words: 2600
Characters: Andy, Sorcha, Nathaniel, Sigrun, Merrill
Summary: The logistics of snogging when BOTH of you are wearing heels that you're not good with is sometimes a bit difficult.
Title art by: Yamisnuffles

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I know, right? FINALLY, you're saying. I'm sorry. I thought I'd never escape from this one. But let's not dwell on the past, darlings, because here we finally are! *whew*

Title:  Too Tired to Sing (Ménage 12)

Words: 1528

Rating: PG for the inevitable broodmother squick factor

Characters: Alistair/f!Surana (Philoméne) (/Zevran?) featuring Oghren and Sigrun

Summary: Kal’Hirol. Who doesn’t love it there? Everybody.

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Title: I don't usually wear these shoes
Words: 1900
Characters: OH SO MANY OF THEM
Summary: Ginger Spice is not who everyone expected.
Title art by the amazing YamiSnuffles

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Ok, let the crack fest begin!

Laika (Laica) belongs to [personal profile] sagacious_rage  although I have taken several liberties with her here. I hope she doesn’t mind.

Many thanks to Pockets, OYD, Twist-Shimmy, Tasmen and Cave-Fatuam for the all the popstar ideas - matching DA characters to popstars is an extremely FUN way to pass… way too many hours.

Title art by the completely and utterly awesome Yamisnuffles. She took this idea and made it HER OWN like a BOSS.

Fun fact about Australia number… 8? Kylie Minogue is extremely short. Like freakishly so. Not even five feet tall. I know, I served her coffee once.
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Now with griffons! (I want a ride on griffon-Anders. Oh so much.)

Title: No More Heroes, Chapter 19
Characters: Alistair, Loghain/Justice, Morrigan, Zevran, Anders, Leliana, Nathaniel, Wynne, Oghren, Shale, Sten, Anora, Gorim, Sigrun
Rating: T
Words: 2,400
Summary: Alistair prepares for the final battle and receives a surprise from the Warden.

Previous Chapters

This is a good look for you, my dear. There are not many who can wear feathers quite so well. )
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Title: At least he doesn't get tired...
Words: 1900
Characters: Alim, Anders, Justice, Sigrun, Oghren
Summary: Anders convinces Alim to help him destroy his phylactery. Alim gets some nocturnal visits.

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He just wished the whispering would stop.

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Title: We're official Now
Words: 1900
Characters: Alim, Anders, Oghren, Nathaniel, Sigrun
Summary: Alim wants to know what's under the keep. And Nathaniel's skirt.

Thank bioware for telling me the wrong release date for DA2 for this chapter. RAGE. )

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Much love to [personal profile] bellaknoti the Comma Fairy, who kindly tidies up my chapters.

Link to the beginning, for anyone joining us for the first time:

Trouble & Strife: Chapter Forty Six
Characters: today we have Alistair, Maddy, Philippe, Anders, Zevran, Leliana, Oghren, Sigrun, Bhelen, Vartag, Petra and Torrin
Rating: T
This chapter:  Competence porn, anyone?  Spin Doctor Zevran figures out how to break the deadlock between the two Kings.


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Title: What is that smell?
Words: 1500
Rating: T
Summary: The beginning of a downhill path.

Shazzam! )

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Title: Girl's got guts.
Words: 2300 (wow, this is like, an EPIC chapter for me!)
Characters: Alim, Anders, Oghren, Sigrun
Rating: T++ (Alim has a potty mouth)
Summary: Sigrun! And a BAMF Golem. And stuff.

Thanks to Amhran Comrac for being a sounding board for ideas and of course, encouraging and joining in to my obsessive Anders in DA2 squee-fest. It has been a good week!


No darkspawn has yet to be felled by me giggling at them. )



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March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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