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I've heard some people refer to their "canon" Wardens, out of all their various incarnations. Closing in on the end of my second playthrough (f!Surana blood mage), I'm interested to hear about other people's experiences. Do you have a canon Warden, is it the first one you played, and what sort of Warden were they?

I haven't played all the origins yet, but from the hints in the game and from other people's stories, I can already see myself developing elaborate "canon" versions of each origin, separate and different from how my game might have turned out. See, I make a lot of choices that are specifically to experience parts of the game I haven't played yet, and also to unlock achievements. But, what I play is not necessarily what makes most sense to me from a characterization POV.

That's part of the reason I picked Surana for my second game, because she's kind of a wild card in my eyes. Maybe I put too much stress on characters being a product of their upbringing, though.

Anyway, everyone loves talking about their characters, and I'd love to hear your stories.
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Hi. Um. I'm new.

I started playing Dragon Age: Origins about three weeks ago, tore through my first origin, became completely obsessed, and earlier this week started my second origin. Prior to this I've had basically zero experience with RPGs in this style, since the only video games I played were from The Sims series (no regrets, seriously). At this point I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep playing Origins, plus Awakening and eventually DAII. Although, uh, probably not five days a week for 4-5 hours at a time. :O

In between playing, I posted a bunch about the game here on my DW and here on my Tumblr. Since I have the benefit of thousands of people having already played the game before me and written all their thoughts, I'd be super interested in recs for meta of any kind, especially about the political structure of the game and the various moral dilemmas it introduces. There are so many posts in this comm I may never make it through them all.

Mods, if I tagged wrong or did anything else wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it.
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Draconic intelligence? I fought "Andraste" yet again last night and found myself wondering about why she would care anything about the Urn. So, her blood would form a connection to the magical power of the Urn? That seems to be what's implied. Anyway, how would she know such a thing? And is that the only reason for creating her cult? And if you're a dragon, how would you convince someone that it's a good idea to drink your blood? And if the Urn weren't involved, why would you do such a thing to begin with?

This is one of those little things I keep coming back to, so I thought I'd see what the bright minds here might have to say. All theories are welcomed with open arms!

Oh, and thanks to everyone who shared her/his thoughts on DAII. I ordered my copy yesterday. Yay, Amazon!
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Aaand I continue spamming y'all with lore questions!

So. From time to time, against my best judgment, I go to the BSN boards to read one of the never-ending mages vs templars threads (and it seems that practically any thread that mentions anything even tangentially related to magic & mage characters turns into one). And there is one question that always comes up and that I’ve never seen to be argued with actual examples from the games.


The pro-templar posters say that the problem with mages is that they can get possessed by a demon and turn abomination at any point in time. Just – boom, insta-evil. This is also part of David Gaider’s explanation of the templar POV, with his “kitten that can randomly explode destroying a city block” comparison.

This is the part where I stare at the screen hastily searching my memories of the games, and coming up with... next to nothing that supports these descriptions.

Am I missing some crucial mage-turns-into-abomination scenes? )
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You know who else likes fireballs?  ANDERS.  Hmmm....This is the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of group discussion posts focused on major aspects of the Dragon Age lore.

So... let's talk.
Let's talk about the Chantry

No, not that specific Chantry, mind you. I mean the institution. The belief system. The enormous, glaring, inconsistencies.

A few things are certain. We know a woman named Andraste, born in Denerim, was married to a man named Maferath. We know she was an escaped slave, and led an uprising against the Imperium. A successful uprising, perhaps because she was the "spiritual bride" of the Maker... or perhaps because the Tevinter Imperium was still in shambles from the first blight.

Her husband betrayed her and she was burnt alive.

But beyond that.... It seems like mythology shuffle.

Seriously, I went to Catholic school and even I'm confused now... )
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Grey Wardens are essentially just badass lemmings.

So [personal profile] lenna_nightrunner  and I need some Riordan background for VLS'v, but neither of us have read or own the books, which I understand his backstory is in? (Wow, that sentence is a nightmare.) I have a basic story for him in my head, but I don't know what's canon and what's been assimilated from AU fic, so I was wondering if anyone knew for sure some answers to the following questions:

1) How did he join?
2) Any love life stuff happen?

Thank you, darlings.

So he's not in the books. We get to make it up as we go then, right? Right? Eeee.

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Or, how to manually edit the chargenmorph file!

So... we all know the preset faces SUCK THE SLOTH DEMON, yes? Of course they do. Granted, we're not talking Oblivion, where you honestly wonder if the designers had ever actually SEEN a human before, but still... they're not pretty. And if there's anything we know, it's that THEDAS IS FOR PRETTY PEOPLE.

Sure, it isn't too tough to just rename a file and stick it in the override folder to replace one of them. Right? (at this point if you're not saying right... you may want to take a step back since I don't want to have anybody breaking their game or anything. You should already be pretty comfortable installing mods in DAO if you want to try this out.)

But... what if you want to add more? What if eight presets just AREN'T ENOUGH?

Well, you can hope and pray someone made a modified chargenmorpcfg.xml file for you, mash it with the one you already have using something like this utility... only to find out the lovely faces you saw on Nexus are only set up for replacement. And then you can sit and wonder, of those eighty faces, which eight will be the winners. Or you can find one with the most absolutely perfect male elf (and Maker knows they're not easy to do!)... and then three or four others that look like they fell off a truck face first into the ugly patch. Why take all when you just want Mr. Handsome? You don't have to!

You can  take that chargenmorph file and make it your BITCH.

Seriously, if you can type and you can install a mod, you can do this. I promise.


Mar. 7th, 2011 09:10 am
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So I've had Leliana stealth romance me countless times. In fact, it's what she's good at, but right now I am staring at Alistair's character screen and going D:

Adhara was just stealth romanced by Alistair. Tesni has been sneak!kissed by him countless times and it has always ended badly, but this Alistair appears to be an emotional masochist, because when she told him she wasn't interested he a) approved, and b) decided they're a couple anyway. My poor stuffy Dalish is hiding in a corner, clutching a rose she didn't want, going  ಠ_ಠ. Every time she tries to talk to him he goes "yeeeeees?" and her options are "Let's bone!" or "Let's break up!"

"But I just let him down!" she says. "I don't even know why he gave me the rose! I threatened to kill him!"

Knowing my luck she'll break up with him again and he'll fall from "care" to "love." AUGH.

Has this happened to anyone else? Share your fun/traumatic Alistair sneak romance stories.

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I hope a little shameless self-promotion is OK. 

My series at Bitch started Monday, but here is my latest post. They ran them out of order, and this one was supposed to have a photo, but oh well! It's up now! My need to control everything will not always win out.

It's a MWF series in US time zones.


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DAO/DA2 gameplay, fanwork, and mod community


March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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