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Title: Carroll's Bad Day
Rating: E
Word Count: 3,600
Summary: How many encounters does it take to hate someone?
Notes: This fic is a gift to[personal profile] polytene for winning the Readers' Choice section of the caption contest over at[community profile] peopleofthedas. I'm sorry it took so long; I wanted it to be good, and I wrote several that weren't before dusting off this idea and running with it. Hope you enjoy!

Wanna know what this stuff about Conri is? Go here: (NSFW.)
Set in the 20 Reasons to Forget the Blight universe.


Get ready for some righteous darkspawning. )



“Andraste's gold-trimmed knickers, no!”


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March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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