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Title: Wenches at Sea  
Characters: Isabella and f!Hawke
Rating: PG-13 ish?
Length: @ 10K

Summary: At the Eel and Oyster the tale is told of how the Scourge of the Waking Sea and the Champion journeyed with clerics, stole the Queen of Antiva, faced a demon armada, and still found time for a walk on the beach.

Final chapter!
In which a scandalous tale is told, enemies are revealed, an ending is a beginning, and the mystery of Altanera unknots.

Written as a [community profile] fandom_helps  story for [personal profile] wook77 , who requested post-DA2  Isabela-and-Hawke pirating adventures.

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I'd just like to hear what anyone who cares to comment has to say. DAII has come down enough in price so that I'm considering buying it. I've heard all the criticisms -- lack of story, lack of character development, hate the convo tree, horrible elf morphs, repetitive areas and so on. However, does the game have anything to recommend it? I like series, and I like to get all the installments thereof. However, if DAII is an utter waste of money, I'll just keep replaying DA:O/Awakening and bide myself in patience for DAIII. (And, I really hope they come up with an actual name for the next installment.)
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Thanks so much for any feedback you can give, this is my first fanfiction. Pretty soon I'll be caught up with what I've put up so far on and I can start incorporating your suggestions. Thanks and I hope someone enjoys this a little

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this is my very first fanfiction and I would so much appreciate feedback. Part 2 will be up soon.

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I will FULLY admit that I'm abusing my modly powers here, but I NEED TO DISCUSS STUFF. If you've read the novel, feel free to join discussion. If not SERIOUSLY SPOILERS. SO MANY SPOILERS. SPOILERS ALL OVER THE PLACE. DO NOT GO FORTH INTO THIS BLEAK NIGHT. I MEAN IT. I EVEN MADE A SPECIAL ASUNDER SPOILER TAG FOR IT.



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This is a post to chat about it. Obviously, SPOILERS. BE WARNED. Also...

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Legacy is out. I'm playing it. LET'S TALK ABOUT IT PEOPLE.

Obviously SPOILERS ABOUND IN THESE COMMENTS so do not venture in unless you are willing to be spoiled.  
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Well, hello. :x

I'm a bit late to the party, only having touched the Dragon Age series for the very first time over the past couple of months. The last time I got into a new fandom was about six years ago, so I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle coming out of his coma, or like I've just gotten out of jail and hooked up on a blind date, or some other such silliness. I'm a tad apprehensive about getting myself into something new.

So, how's that for an introduction? I'll do my best to play nicely. I do like to write -- mostly romance and emotional, character-driven pieces.

And just so this post isn't completely pointless, there are a couple of fics I'd like to share. They were also posted to the Dragon Age Slash community over on LJ, so apologize if you're seeing them more than once.


Title: Promises to Keep
Author: Leah ([personal profile] impressioniste)
Game: Dragon Age 2
Rating: T/PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Anders/Male Hawke
Summary: A normal day in the lives of Anders and M!Hawke, who have been living together for two years.
Notes: Just a romantic bit of fluff.
WARNINGS: Spoilers for Dragon Age 2, up through the beginning of Act 3.

[ AO3 ] [ ]


Title: Anders: The Last Three Years (Chapter 1 & 2)
Author: Leah ([personal profile] impressioniste)
Game: Dragon Age 2
Rating: M/R (for adult themes, not explicit sexual content)
Characters/Pairing: Anders/Male Hawke
Summary: After fleeing Kirkwall, Hawke comes into possession of a book of Anders' memoirs and a farewell letter.
Notes: Story assumes Mage!Male!Hawke and friendly romance with Anders. Other notes include spoilers, and are on the fic itself.
WARNINGS: Endgame spoilers for Dragon Age 2. Character death. Prophylactic trigger warning for depression/suicidal thoughts and violence, just in case.

Chapter 1 Summary: Introduction. Hawke receives Anders' book of memoirs and farewell letter.

[ AO3 ] [ ]

Chapter 2 Summary: This is the preface to Anders' memoir, the full text of his farewell letter to Hawke.

[ AO3 ] [ ]
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Title: Discussions
Words: 1500
Characters: Anders, Saoirse, Sebastian, Fenris
Rating: T+
Summary: Sebastian suffers from a bad case of foot-in-mouth.

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Title: Ebb
Characters: Anders & Hawke
Rating: T
Summary: Post Dissent, Anders wants to run away, but ends up making a different decision altogether

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Title: On the Run
Chapter Rating: T
Spoilers: Everywhere
Summary: Post-game fic following Hawke and company after the events at the Gallows. First step: getting the hell out of Kirkwall...
Author's note: Mine was a mostly sarcastic rogue Hawke who friendmanced Anders. What she is now--and what they are, if anything--remains to be seen. Thanks as always to A for betareading. Mods, may I have a series tag, please? This is going to go on for a while, methinks...

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I was talking with Amhran_Comrac about how much we love Oghren (it's an addiction) and it came up that if he had been in DA2 there would have been some pretty priceless banters. This led to speculation about what he would call Fenris (we decided on "Glowdick") and then I thought it might be fun to write some DA:O/DA2 Banter. So here's what I've come up with so far:

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Apparently I have a compulsion to write an epilogue of some sort for each of my Hawkes. Meet Bryce, my surly dual-wielding rogue.

Title: Blood Stains
Characters: Bryce Hawke (rogue), Anders
Rating: T
Word Count: 800
Summary: Bryce Hawke's final words on his life, his love, and why he made the choices he did.

Thanks to [personal profile] drakontion for helping me clean this up. <3

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Sorry, I may have overcooked it a bit.
I meant to post about this a couple days ago but forgot.

One Month Left!

That's right, everyone... start prepping your manifestos. We decided three months would be a decent chunk o' time for the spoiler lockdown, which means the floodgates open on June 8.

If you've been putting off that last love interest playthrough, well, there's your inspiration.

In the meantime keep using cuts and tags (and everyone has been awesome about that so far). I just wanted to give everybody a good chunk of advance warning.

And speaking of cuts and tags... don't forget the NSFW/AO checkbox when you're posting that extra spicy Sister Petrice/The Mother/Ser Jory hurt/comfort[1] yarn. We've got a lot of new members, and most haven't had time to learn who the smutpeddlers among us are. (hint: I'm one of them)

...and I almost forgot.  There's a new box on the sidebar, titled "Right Now" (as in "right now I'd love it if someone would give me a better title for that thing since that's really a bit too pta newsletter for my tastes") where you will always find any ongoing community prompts, winners of the recent prompt contest, current news... and maybe eventually a few other things we've got cooking up.  

[1]the result of me trying to think of the most unappealing DA smut ever to be conceived. Please, don't take it as a challenge! Please
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Title: The Thing with Feathers, Chapter 6
Characters: Lilian Hawke (mage), Fenris, Anders, Varric, Isabela, Merrill
Rating: T
Word Count: 2000
Summary: "I want everyone in Thedas to have a chance to hear our version of it. This is just the beginning. Mages will be free." - Lilian Hawke. It may have started in Kirkwall, but now the revolution spreads with Hawke and Anders at the center.


Much thanks to [personal profile] drakontion for the hard work as a beta. Also, I blame [personal profile] ouyangdan and the rest of you that hang out in the Fade Bar IRC for a certain food reference.

In Chapter 6: Chantry confrontation as promised, and an old friend shows up.

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DAO/DA2 gameplay, fanwork, and mod community


March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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