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Greetings! I've been a big Dragon Age fan since Origins was released (or before that, really) and arrive bearing fanfic. I can't believe it's taken me so long to write something set in this universe.

Title: Weapon of Choice

Summary: The Grey Wardens and their allies wield many different weapons. These are some of them.

Characters: Femme!Cousland, Eleanor Cousland, Alistair, Wynne, Justice, Finn.

Pairings: Passing mention of Femme!Cousland/Alistair, but I'd call it gen nonetheless.

Rating: T

Contains: Unlike the game, no sex, swearing or bloodspatter whatsoever.

Word Count: Circa 2,000.

Author's Note: The weapon descriptions are taken directly from BioWare's in-game text.

Weapon of Choice )
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Title: Anders and the Lord of Pounce
Words: 824
Genre(s): General
Rating: Rated: K
Summary: Just a little drabble explaining the origins of how that drawing of
Ser Pounce got into that old textbook the Warden finds in Witch Hunt.
Characters: Anders, Finn, obligatory douche templar, Enchanter Sweeney

I am the Lord of the Pounce said he.

Lord of Pounce is a song by Marc Gunn. It's rather adorable. Imagine this as the horrible lute song Anders in DA2 would play horribly.
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From the Alphabet Meme going around on Tumblr. I chose to do them from Finn's perspective.

Rating: T+
Words: 7,825 divided into 13 parts.
Characters: Finn, Anders, F!Cousland (Kahrin), F!Hawke (Saoirse), Carver, with cameos by Ariane, Nathaniel, and Gregoir.
Set in the Amaranth Universe

A is for Arcanum )

B is for Baby )

C is for Circle )

D is for Dragon )

E is for Eluvian )

F is for Flora )

G is for Ghastly )

H is for Healer )

I is for Isolation )

J is for Joining )

K is for Kadash Thaig )

L is for Liesel )

M is for Mage )
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Secret Santa for [personal profile] cave_fatuam .


You asked for random NPCs and also mage. My initial painting was a bunch of Circle mages reading, but stupidity on my part (involving a botched file transfer) resulted in the loss of that painting.

Therefore, the quick portrait of Finn here. I hope it isn't too underwhelming D:

Florian Phineas Horatio Aldebrant, Esquire by *DragonReine
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She said she likes rare pairings. I had two rare pairings that were very tempting, but I was in a cutesy mood and this resulted. :D I hope you like it!
Happy Christmas and all that jazz!
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Title: Our Kind of Crazy
Words: 1500
Characters: OH SO MANY OF THEM
Summary: Who is in the box?
Title art by Uminoko
Translations by Ouyangdan

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Chapter 11 (Fall From My Hands)
Rating: T+
Word Count: 2,797
Characters: Anders, Finn, Saoirse, Kahrin, Carver, Anora.

Summary: I love time. There's so much of it, and yet, so little.

Artwork by the fantastically talented Yamisnuffles.

Finn stood in front of the alter of the Gateway for Lost Souls... )
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Title: Misunderstandings
Words: 1500
Characters: Hawke, Sebastian, Fenris, Merrill, Carver, Aveline, Isabela
Summary: Who's the fed? And what's Doctor Finn got in his crate?
Title art by the amazing Uminoko on Deviant Art.
Chinese translations by Ouyangdan.

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Nov. 27th, 2011 12:08 pm
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Title: Sanctuary
Words: 2000
Characters: Isabela, Fenris, Anders, Saoirse, Finn, Ciara
Summary: Fenris and Isabela travel to the mage base to seek help from Anders for his markings.

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Tumblr has been out of control with all the delicious prompts for drabbles, so here I come again, bearing gifts from my brain meats.

I am pretty sure these are all rated T or lower.

My Tumblr, if you are so inclined to leave drabble prompts.

You should also go check out all the prompts that Miri has filled, because they are delicious and nutritious.

Drabbles Ahoy! )


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DAO/DA2 gameplay, fanwork, and mod community


March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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