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Please enjoy this fake cut/link to the Last Unposted Chapter!  I've still got some polishing up of between-chapter links to do on Dreamwidth, but if you want to read it all in one go, you can now get it as a pdf.

Title: The Best Laid Plans
Words: 1123
Rating: PG-13 default
Characters: Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) with Sten and Leliana, featuring Anora
Summary: The rescue of the Queen goes to hell in a handbasket, and it does not leave Zevran in the mood to be polite.

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The Best Laid Plans

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These come back to back after Dark Ale.  They're fake cuts because, to be honest, I want people to come look at them on their home site, where it's easier to find everything else.  :D  After this, only two more unseen chapters and it's a wrap!

Title: The Lowest Place on Earth
Words: 1090
Rating: M for references to rape and general ugliness
Characters: Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) and Alistair
Summary: The Dead Trenches are not a good place to have PTSD.

 The Lowest Place on Earth

Title: Trumpets Resounding
Words: 2650
Rating: PG-13 default
Characters: Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) featuring Loghain, Alistair, and some hapless guards
Summary:  Hey, guys, we're finally coming up on the Landsmeet! Surely this calls for some kind of celebration. Preferably one that falls on the wrong side of the law.

Trumpets Resounding

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It's taken a year (OMG seriously??) but Trovommi Amor is written in full; it only remains to post the last few connecting chapters.  When they're all up individually, I will also be putting up the whole arc as a pdf.  Once more I thank our blessed padrona [personal profile] twist_shimmy for be ta.  Old readers, this chapter falls between the Love Threeway and Dark Ale.  New readers skimming for sexings (you know who you are), click the Dark Ale link for the next sexing in sequence.

Title:  A Dark Mirror
Words:  1477
Rating:  PG-13 default
Characters:  Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) with Zathrian
Summary:  The plight of the Dalish causes Taniva to reflect on her own past.  Piracy is discussed.

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(Note the First:  I swear I intend to catch up with what y'all are doing as soon as I buckle down and finish the last few bits of this arc.  It's almost done, srsly.  Note the Second:  if you haven't read the early part of this series, the title refers to Taliesin's nickname, Dog.  So now you can see the genius, right?  :P)

(ETA: Note the third: we don't have a character: taliesin tag?  Nobody's gone there yet??)

Title:  Fetch
Words:  1492
Rating:  PG-13 for references to sex and abuse
Characters:  Taliesin and Arl Howe, in a Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) storyline
Summary:  Taliesin arrives in Denerim, and angst ensues.

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Note:  the "next" link goes forward into the next several (pre-existing) chapters.  Go to my dw for full index, etc, etc.  Love y'all.  Will do more reading and ogling and posting as soon as... well!  As soon as I physically and mentally CAN.

  The Seat of Authority
Words:  1429
Rating:  PG-13
Characters:  Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) with various party wimmins
Summary:  Zev has acclimated to darkspawn battles, and mucking around Redcliffe is boring.  Perhaps robbery will help.

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Index is at my dw journal, like I do.

  Searching the Wrong Soul
Words:  2529
Rating:  PG default
Characters:  Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) and the gang
Summary:  There's nothing two careworn, slow-to-trust elves enjoy more than having their secrets stripped bare in front of everybody by some random spirit!  Oh, and also there's a dragon.  Whatever.  (Also-also, the series title makes a cameo.)

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All chapters are archived at my account as per usual.  Bad news for next week:  it'll be all retcon/expansions.  Good news:  it'll be a couple of them, and they will be expansions of teh sexings.  Now hotter AND more connected to the story arc!  For now, have a qunari fight.

Title:  Near Misses
Words:  1404
Rating:  PG default
Characters:  Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) featuring Alistair and Sten
Summary:  Sten chooses a very bad moment to get uppity.

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Archive of chapters floating at the top of my account, y'all.  Like always.  If I seem scarce it's because of NaNo.  Meanwhile, be assured that I have cushion ready for the whole month, and that an All New Chapter will be coming next week; and take our arrival here as a sign that we are almost 'round to the sexings.  Not just the old sexings, but shiny NEW sexings.  Oh yes.

Title:  Dalish Gloves
Words:  1688
Rating:  PG default
Characters:  Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) with Sten
Summary:  Expansion/slight retcon of an old and beloved chapter.  Zevran ponders his dwindling options, and whether killing the Warden is worth one last try.

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(If you go to my journal you can also read Litmus Test, which falls before this.  It's a wee flashfic that I think I wrote for a prompt here, actually - it's not vital to the plot so I'm not posting it here again.)

Title:  What Is Not
Words:  1515
Rating:  PG default
Characters:  Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) featuring Alistair and some unfriendly Dalish
Summary:  The party's first encounter with the Dalish does not end in alliance, but it does lead to philosophizing and petty theft.

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What Is Not )

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(Yes! Many of us have picked Thursday as our post day, I think. Get everybody all glutted for the weekend. XD)

Title: The Comforts of Home
Words: 2249
Rating: PG-13 for a bit of violence
Characters: Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) plus Alistair, Goldanna, and Ser Landry
Summary: Our arrival in Denerim brings no response from Loghain, but we find other ways to make enemies and alienate people. Within party, we explore several rather different theories of how "bonding" is supposed to work.

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Title: Dangerous Ideas
Words: 1775
Rating: PG (default)
Characters: Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) with a big side of Alistair
Summary: Taniva's suggestion of going to Denerim causes an amusing protective/jealous thing, and also assassin lessons. Chapter 14 of the series.

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Dangerous Ideas )


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Since they're just expansions, I'm giving two chapters this week! Oh, and perhaps I should mention that the series finally has a name: Trovommi Amore. Full index of chapters is stickied on my dw, so come check it out. I promise it gets very naughty later. ;P

Title: Socks
Words: 1701
Rating: PG
Characters: Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva) and the party generale
Summary: A bit of relaxation and rivalry in Redcliffe.

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Title: Stewing
Rating: PG for vague innuendo (on account of, it's Zev)
Words: 2687
Characters: Zevran/f!Tabris (Taniva), featuring Alistair, Wynne, and Morrigan
Summary: Dinner comes to blows. Now expanded for full storyline fit! 
Continuity notes:  Trotting back and forth between Redcliffe and the Tower.  All previous chapters are archived at my dw journal:  see the sticky for index.
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March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


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