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Hello, I'm back to work on things again, so it's time for another spammy post from me. XD

Looks like the last art I posted was the first page of the BBH comic, and the last fic/update I posted about was Idle Desires.

DA art since then:

Pages 2 and 3 of the BBH comic:

The first page (of two) of a standalone short comic:

And my current WIP:

DA writing since then:

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So it looks like the last DA art I posted here was "And Learn to Fly" and the last fic/update I posted about was Black Black Heart.

This should be good. *cracks knuckles* The only thing that keeps me from being active is my health, which has been letting me work lately. So, lots of updates.

DA art since then:

That last one is the first page of what is going to be an 8-10 page comic using the boat part of Black Black Heart.

DA writing since then:

Raistlin and the Rabbit - worksafe
Dragonlance/Dragon Age crossover as requested on the kinkmeme
From the Tower of High Sorcery of Palanthas, to the Circle Tower of Ferelden. This isn't the trip Raistlin Majere planned for, but he will always adapt. (And I, apparently, will always re-use my OCs.)

S&S - Miracle Goodnight - NSFW
Whenever Tannusen Surana is touched by blood magic, he goes a little crazy. How crazy does he go when his own magic has been sealed by that very force? And on a ship full of sailors, there's no shortage of cruelty when you're mad enough to go looking for it.

S&S - Heat of the Moment - NSFW
Fenris wakes up from another steamy dream, and has a moment of weakness when Tannusen offers the use of his tongue.

S&S - A Touch of Madness - worksafe I think?
Fenris has a serious chat with the Warden after 'Heat of the Moment'.

S&S - Idle Desires - NSFW
Sten is unattainable, but that doesn't stop an idle Warden from thinking about him.

I also have three WIPs rolling on the meme, Danarius/thrall!Tannu/slave!Fenris pre-game dubcon, Tannu/Nathaniel angrysex in Awakening, and Tannu/Warden!Orsino. And several offline WIPs too. And of course more comic pages.

TL;DR: Hiiiii, I'm not dead. *rolls around in circles* I'm also on tumblr, if it hasn't been said before. Folks are always finding me and going I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE ON HERE. So there's that.
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Title: It would be hard to get much deader...
Words: 1300
Characters: Alim & Zev
Summary: Reunions should be less about the talking. At least according to Zevran.
Title art by [personal profile] cave_fatuam 

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Black Black Heart -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Fenris / Zevran / Tannusen / Orsino
The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Warden has ever picked up those who were thrown away.
NA -- some flashback micro-smut, and a little dirty talk if you squint
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Oh hey! You know how Blood Wound finished? THIS IS THE NEXT BIT! MOAR Alim, this time with Added Zevran. And some Anders Angst, because I know you guys love that. ;)

Title art by Pyromaniac03

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Title: Won't Catch Me in Fancy Pants Land
Title art by [personal profile] cave_fatuam 

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Title: Stopped a blight, can't complain
Words: 1200
Characters: Alim, Anders, Nathaniel, Justice

Title art by [personal profile] cave_fatuam 

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This month's prompt could not have come at a better time, because I've been working on this one for awhile. :) It's a crossover with Final Fantasy XII.

Title: Wardens of Ivalice: The Joining
Rating: T
Characters: Elissa Cousland, Alistair, Nathaniel Howe, Alim Surana, Zevran, Leliana, Sigrun, Ogrhen. Primary pairings are Alistair/f!Cousland and Ashe/Balthier.
Spoilers: For DA:O and FFXII. Minor spoilers for Awakening, maybe.
Notes: Written for a Final Fantasy Big Bang, largely because I realized that my DA obsession would not be denied. FFXII characters featured include Ashe, Balthier, Basch, and Fran. I've never attempted a crossover of this magnitude before, so feedback of all kinds is definitely appreciated!

Link to story on AO3
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So tumblr is this thing I do. It's addictive. And there's this meme thingy going around for three sentence fics. OYD posted hers yesterday, read them they are awesome.
At the moment I'm having some serious writer's block, which is fantastic and of course coinciding with Na No Wri Mo - so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things by writing little short drabbles from all my universes. This is the first collection of them. I've done about 2k in drabbles over the past couple of days, I'm hoping that will translate into some actual long fic soon.
Also if anyone is interested in dropping me a prompt for a three sentence fic, my tumblr is and here is a link to my ask box.
I'm always up for prompts, but sometimes I'll respond quicker than others . Three sentences in ANY universe I write, or even a couple you haven't seen me write in before! (I'll also write Final Fantasy 7,8, 10, 10-2 and 12, and I'll even try my hand at Doctor Who or Harry Potter if you REALLY want).

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Title: Better than no life at all..
Words: 1600
Characters: Alim, Anders, Varel
Summary: Alim wants to find out what the Crows know, and he knows the best way to do it.
Title Art by: [personal profile] cave_fatuam 

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Title: I'm no help to anyone
Words: 2000
Characters: Alim, Anders, Varel, Pounce
Rating: T+ for language
Title Art by: [personal profile] cave_fatuam 
Summary: Alim is tempted by demons and cats and does NOT get a good night's sleep.

HELLO WELCOME BACK. I am sorry for the interruption in transmission! Seriously. This story is like.. I don't know. It wants to be written, but is too meek to shove other people out of the way for a good showing. Which sucks. Sorry. :D. IN ANY CASE! ON WITH THE SHOW!

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March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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