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In which Aro falls from the ceiling screeing.

Hello, I'm back to work on things again, so it's time for another spammy post from me. XD

Looks like the last art I posted was the first page of the BBH comic, and the last fic/update I posted about was Idle Desires.

DA art since then:

Pages 2 and 3 of the BBH comic:

The first page (of two) of a standalone short comic:

And my current WIP:

DA writing since then:

S&S - Hate Is A Four Letter Word -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Nathaniel Howe/Tannusen
Not long after "Beyond The Pale", Tannu essentially decides to use Nathaniel to punish himself. Early Awakening.
breath play, dirty talk, masochism, rough sex, sadism

S&S - Prey -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Morrigan / Tannusen
Morrigan entertains herself by getting Tannusen hard in public, and then finishes him off while still in public.
het, (light) humiliation, (light) masochism, public arousal, (light) sadism

S&S - Gilded Cages -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Danarius / Fenris / Tannusen
Uldred makes a deal with an Amaranthine-visiting Danarius, and hands over his favorite apprentice for two weeks.
anal, bondage, c&b torture, deep throat, dirty talk, Domination/submission, non-consent, orgasm denial, size kink, sadism, slavery, voyeurism

Current WIPs:

[WIP] Chain of Command -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Nathaniel Howe / Tannusen
Late Awakening, Nathaniel seeks to make up for the events in 'Hate Is A Four Letter Word'.

[WIP] Crossing the Rubicon -- kinkmeme (anon) // AO3 (not anon)
Orsino / Tannusen
Location: Amaranthine, Vigil's Keep
Former First Enchanter Orsino takes the Joining, and then takes his new Commander.
WIP -- will list when it's done. Suggestions? Post 'em!

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