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Tabris family question

I have vague memories of someone saying that the toolset not only confirms that Soris and Shianni are siblings and your first cousins, but also gives the rather awful story about their mother dying in a riot. Am I just pulling this from my fevered brain, or is it actually canon?
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Oh snap, Soris and Shianni are brother and sister? Huh, I guess I never noticed that. Either that or the thought never occurred to me. Either way this is good to know for my comic, so thanks for that!

But to answer your question, I have no idea and am now also interested in finding this out.
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Wait, their mother wasn't raped first? Imagine that.
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That is really strange - they don't come across like siblings at all.
I really don't want to sound arrogant, but I like my version better.
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Wiki says they're just cousins, which can be confirmed if non-Tabris warden speaks to Soris in the alienage.
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I suspect everyone in the alienage is related in one form or another.
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Going through the toolset dialog myself right now, it just says Soris and Shianni are the PC's cousins, which would make Cyrion their uncle in most cases, but we don't know how many times removed they are as cousins. There is no mention of those 2 being brother and sister and no mention of which of their parents are related to the PC's parents.

If they were brother and sister, I find it hard to believe that Soris would leave her for the PC to take care of at the Arl's estate. Certainly, there would have at least been a "are you ok sister" comment.

As for Adaia, all we know is that Duncan tried to recruit her but Valendrian moved up her wedding day so he could not (or at least it would make it much more difficult), that she was trained as a rogue/warrior and trained your PC as well, that she died "making the mistake" of being a "troublemaker", and that guards killed her. I can find no mention of the events leading to guards killing her, however. Not in any dialog anyway.
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I double-checked the character descriptions in the Tool Set, and there's no mention of their being siblings or what happened to their mother(s). Just figured that since someone already checked the dialogue, I'd check the descriptions. :)