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We're deep into that lull between games and it's no secret that things have gotten quiet around here.  I know a lot of us have been branching out.  So... share.  What have you been up to?   Fic in any new fandoms?  Working on any OPs you want to talk about?  Let's chat!
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Fic: "Two Roads" Dragon Age Alistair/Loghain - Chapter 22

Title: Two Roads - Chapter 22: The Road Less Traveled
Authors: [personal profile] acid and [personal profile] sinick
Pairing: Alistair/Loghain
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In which the lucky couple finds at least one drunk at the wedding reception.

Chapter 22 "The Road Less Traveled" on AO3
Chapter 22 "The Road Less Traveled" on FFN
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Fic: one thing after another

Title: one thing after another (and time for all the works and days of hands)
Author: torch
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seneschal Varel/Elyon Andras (Orlesian warden)
Word count: ~284,000 (complete)
Content notes: Highlight to read. Extensive genital scarring described in some detail in chapter 9, and regularly referred to thereafter.
Spoilers: through Awakening

Summary: The arling of Amaranthine has been given over to the Grey Wardens, so naturally the new arl at Vigil's Keep is a warden. Also a mage, an elf, and an Orlesian -- not likely to win anyone's heart. Varel's the seneschal of the Vigil, and he works hard for this new arl, because that's what he does. But the new arl's turning out to be quite a distraction...

on my site: one thing after another (and time for all the works and days of hands)
on AO3, in 16 chapters: one thing after another (and time for all the works and days of hands)
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New sketches

So after a really long dry spell (the last time I did a sketch was a couple years ago), I got fired up again, mostly by a) being pissed at this guy who made a mod for Dragon Age to make the already-too-thin female models even thinner, b) Peter Morwood’s discussions about proper armor for women, and c) my hatred for the open-from-neck-to-chest leather armor in the game.

Big images ahoy! )
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Fic: Only Honor Gives Duty Meaning

Title: Only Honor Gives Duty Meaning
Pairing(s): None
Characters: Seneschal Varel, Ser Cauthrien, Fiona, Mistress Woolsey, Captain Garevel, original and minor characters, Dworkin, Mhairi, Rowland, Ambassador Cera, Nathaniel Howe, Oghren, Herren, Wade
Rating: M (mentions of prostitution and slavery)
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence
Summary: Rescued after six months spent as a prisoner in the silverite mine by the very man who had put him there, Varel is given an unenviable duty: keeping the arling of Amaranthine together after the death of Arl Howe.

Unsavory elements have crept in to fill the void left by the absence of a liege lord, and there are dark rumors and reports of darkspawn sightings in the remote areas of Amaranthine. With all of the burden and little of the authority he needs to govern the arling, he must do what he can if there is to be anything left for the Grey Wardens.

tl:dr: My take on what went on in Amaranthine before the new Warden-Commander arrived, and my headcanon as to why Varel knew about the Joining, among other Grey Warden secrets. Intended as a framing fic for my DA Kink Meme fills.

At AO3, at ffnet

My DA muse returned after a few years, plopped down her bags, and moved back in like she owns the place. I suppose there's plenty of space.
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2015 Dragon Age Kiss Battle!

Announcing the 2015 edition of the annual Dragon Age Kiss Battle!

What's a Kiss Battle? Loosely based on the Porn Battle format, it's simply a comment prompt fest focused on kisses. No signups are required and anyone can participate! All pairings, characters, and fanwork types are welcome.

Come check it out! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or on the initial announcement post. Hope to see you there!
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Fic: "Two Roads" Dragon Age Alistair/Loghain - Chapter 21

Title: Two Roads - Chapter 21: The Wedding Present
Authors: [personal profile] acid and [personal profile] sinick
Pairing: Alistair/Loghain
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In which Loghain and Alistair get something to keep.

Chapter 21 "The Wedding Present" on AO3
Chapter 21 "The Wedding Present" on FFN
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[personal profile] jaebility2014-12-29 05:55 pm

DAI Fic: Red (Spoils for the mage quest line!)

Title: Red
Authors: [personal profile] jaebility
Pairing: Cullen and Samson
Rating: PG13ish
Summary: A drabble about a (possible) reunion. Spoilers for the mage quest line, but I feel like it's not a huge spoiler? If you've gotten past Haven, this doesn't really spoil anything. Cullen is given control of the Inquisition's latest prisoner. Fun times do not ensue.

(A bleeding, burning reward for Cullen’s faithful service.)
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Why so quiet?

 Is Inquisition that bad or has everyone already jumped ship? Where's my smut? Where's the Qunari love? Hello?
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DA fanart - Fetch! (Mabari, M for blood.)

I don't have DA:I yet, but I have some fanart from the first game to share, done for a remix challenge.
(Cross-posted to [community profile] personalapocalypse, my fanwork journal.)

Remix: Fetch! by Wallwalker
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairing: Mabari
Rating: NSFW (M)
Content Notes: Blood, violence, body parts flying through the air... y'know. Warhound stuff.
Original work: Dragon Age: Happy Mabari by [personal profile] alias_sqbr. (Go check out their art too! Lots of DA stuff!)
Artist Notes: I decided to continue the Playful Happy Warhound theme in my remix attempt. Done for the Fanart Remix Exchange.

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Description )
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Fic: There Be No Justice (in Destiny or Time), Chapter One

(So, this is the continuation of my Warden’s story, after the events of Dragon Age II and before Dragon Age: Inquisition; it features guest appearances by [livejournal.com profile] sakuratsukikage's Mahariel, Arelan, who is Lyna's younger brother in this 'verse. The title comes from Leaves of Grass171. France, the 18th year of These States, by Walt Whitman.)

Title: There Be No Justice (in Destiny or Time)
Characters: f!Mahariel/Alistair, m!Mahariel/Zevran, Hawke, Anders, other minor characters
Chapter word count: 2517
Chapter rating: G

Summary: Kirkwall’s Chantry lies in ruins, and the Circles of Magi across Thedas rise against their oppressors. How long can the Fereldan Grey Wardens remain neutral? And to where has the Champion of Kirkwall disappeared?

Also here @ AO3, here @ tumblr.
* * *
Pale, silent, stern, what could I say to that long-accrued retribution?
Could I wish humanity different?
Could I wish the people made of wood and stone?
Or that there be no justice in destiny or time?
—Walt Whitman

* * *

( Lyna had been dreaming about a halla )

Inquisition on our Doorstep...

So... anyone else excited for it? :D I'm not exactly sure who's keen on what spoilers, and it's been a while, so I'll try and keep things below a cut...

Here thar be the Inquisition... and maybe dragons... )
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I know this comm is kind of dormant, and probably everyone is on Tumblr or something, but I'm looking for a beta reader for a DA fic, and this time it's gotta be someone who's familiar with canon. I'm concerned about characterization.

Anyone interested?
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In which Aro falls from the ceiling screeing.

Hello, I'm back to work on things again, so it's time for another spammy post from me. XD

Looks like the last art I posted was the first page of the BBH comic, and the last fic/update I posted about was Idle Desires.

DA art since then:

Pages 2 and 3 of the BBH comic:

The first page (of two) of a standalone short comic:

And my current WIP:

DA writing since then:

Cut for NSFW details. )
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Fic: "Two Roads" Dragon Age Alistair/Loghain - Chapter 20

Title: Two Roads - Chapter 20: A Ward For a Warden
Authors: [personal profile] acid and [personal profile] sinick
Pairing: Alistair/Loghain
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In which there is a reunion.

Chapter 20 "A Ward For a Warden" on AO3
Chapter 20 "A Ward For a Warden" on FFN
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One Last Step for Dragon Age in Remix 2014!

We're almost there! Only one thing to go!

If you're qualified and interested, as I spelled out in my previous post, you need to take the poll linked in this post. The post also has some further details about the exchange for this year.

I am excited and I hope anyone who voted for this is, too!

(By the way, I really apologize for making two posts on this. I hadn't realized this would require people to respond twice, but if anyone here really is interested, I wouldn't want them to miss out. (Also I admit I really want it in, but that's pretty obvious.))
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Dragon Age in Remix 2014? It could happen!

Remix Redux is running again this year and I’d really like to see Dragon Age included as a qualifying fandom. To do this, I need your help!

How can you help? It’s easy!

1. ) Be interested in doing the exchange! This FAQ is from an previous iteration of the exchange, but most of the info should still be valid.

2.) Qualify to be remixed for Dragon Age! This means you need to have written at least five 500 word stories or seven 100 word stories in that fandom. (And crossovers don’t count.)

3.) Take the poll and comment to this post that your “something else” is Dragon Age!

4.) Profit! (Or, well, if there are enough of us, the fandom should make it in. That’s almost like profit, right?)

Also, spread the word! We’re going to need more than just a couple of us for this to happen.

The Mistress, chapter 10/? (Rated R)

Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] swooping_is_bad, [livejournal.com profile] dragonage_fic, and [livejournal.com profile] fandomfic

The Mistress
Rating: R
Pairings: Starts with Cailan/Elissa, eventual Alistair/Elissa.
Summary: Elissa Cousland, the favourite of King Cailan, finds herself thrown from the political arena into something completely different as the coming Blight changes her world forever.

Previous chapters can be found on AO3.

The world was darkness )
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[personal profile] owlmoose2014-02-04 06:07 pm

Dragon Age Kiss Battle 2014

Presenting the third annual Dragon Age Kiss Battle, a low-pressure prompt meme with a focus on kissing. All characters/pairings/ratings welcome!

More information at the announcement post. The prompt post will go up on Friday, February 7th, and will open to prompts and fills around 9am Pacific Time.
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Help, Oh Help

Anyone else signing up for the new round of [profile] dragonagebb? I really want to write a big A/U fic, but longfic is notoriously my weakness. I'd like to have a reader, not for beta or SPAG, just someone who is looking forward to the next part of the story, who will spur me along a bit. Maybe help me brainstorm. What I wanted to suggest is some kind of equivalent exchange. I figured I'm not the only one who struggles with deadlines and structure, and there sure are a lot of writers in this community. Would anyone like to be longfic-buddies with me?
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Heroes of Dragon Age

Is anyone playing the new app, Heroes of Dragon Age?

It covers a lot of history and it's really quite lovely just to see the world again.  Like coming home.