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varelishawt ([personal profile] varelishawt) wrote in [community profile] peopleofthedas2015-02-28 08:39 am

New sketches

So after a really long dry spell (the last time I did a sketch was a couple years ago), I got fired up again, mostly by a) being pissed at this guy who made a mod for Dragon Age to make the already-too-thin female models even thinner, b) Peter Morwood’s discussions about proper armor for women, and c) my hatred for the open-from-neck-to-chest leather armor in the game.

Redesign of my Warden. The torso looks kinda crappy, but I’m happy with the gorget and helmet. Lamellar armor is a bitch; my hand wanted to fall off after I was done. I went to a simpler design (see below) to save my sanity (and hand).

A concept sketch for something along the lines of the Tapisserie de Bayeux and this Flemeth wallpaper. I want to do something stylized like that. The background is going to be a doozy, and part of me is gibbering in terror at having to color all of this…

Individual sections, left to right:

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