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wallwalker ([personal profile] wallwalker) wrote in [community profile] peopleofthedas2014-11-18 04:52 pm

DA fanart - Fetch! (Mabari, M for blood.)

I don't have DA:I yet, but I have some fanart from the first game to share, done for a remix challenge.
(Cross-posted to [community profile] personalapocalypse, my fanwork journal.)

Remix: Fetch! by Wallwalker
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters/Pairing: Mabari
Rating: NSFW (M)
Content Notes: Blood, violence, body parts flying through the air... y'know. Warhound stuff.
Original work: Dragon Age: Happy Mabari by [personal profile] alias_sqbr. (Go check out their art too! Lots of DA stuff!)
Artist Notes: I decided to continue the Playful Happy Warhound theme in my remix attempt. Done for the Fanart Remix Exchange.


dA Link (full-sized pic link there)

Description: A blood-spattered Mabari war hound gets too excited about a severed ogre limb that goes further than usual, and gives chase through a grassy (and also bloody) battlefield.
(The only issue Ferelden has with its hounds - they get a little too playful sometimes!)

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