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FAQ: Fanfic and Fanart Posting Guidelines

I've gotten a few PMs about this, and I figure now's a good time to get a guidelines post up. We're still picking up new people and likely will be for a while yet, so having a post to link to in the profile and sidebar seems like a good idea. Gotta get our members settled in for the fun, after all!

What can I post?
Since this is an inclusive community, we allow gen and nsfw fics and works of art. You want to post your fluffy crackfic/sketch about your m!mahariel riding Dog into battle like a warhorse? Please do. (No, really, I am officially enraptured with the idea now.) You have something that was originally meant for the kink meme? That's fine too.

What about AU stuff?

The wonderful thing about being in a community called "People of Thedas" is pretty much anything can be considered on-topic. You have a 20-chapter fic about the antics of a shipful of OC Rivaini pirates? Congrats, they're people of Thedas. Have at it. You have an AU fic where Jory's wife became a Warden, killed Loghain at the War Council, and then took over the country? That's welcome, too.

My fic/art is NSFW. What do I need to warn for?
This is a matter of personal comfort, of course. If you're posting something meant for the kink meme and you want to warn people that there's a lot of bondage? You certainly may; it's your post.

What you must warn for is any act generally considered universally taboo: incest, bestiality, rape, or snuff. You do not need to warn for slash/group sex, as the tags and pairings will generally do that for you. Homosexuality is not something this community considers "taboo" or unusual, so asking you to warn for same-sex pairings seems rather silly.

What rating system do we use?
DA fandom comms usually stick with the ESRB rating system: E, T, M, AO. It's simple. I like it. (Also I always forget that AO is an option; I'll be getting better about that as of NOW.)

Is there a format I should use for posting?
Sure, here's an example. If you don't follow this to the letter, you're not going to get your post deleted or anything, but I see no problem giving you guidelines. I'll go ahead and use one of my more graphic fics so you all know just how tolerant we are here:

Title: In Blackest Envy Were the Demons Born
Characters: f!Amell/Cullen/Templars of the Circle Tower
Rating: AO (non-con)
Word Count: ~5k
Summary: Solona Amell finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Jowan finds a way to escape his fate by ensuring she stays there.

(In retrospect, she should have gotten a note from her mentor, Solona decided as the Templar dragged her out of the library by her arm.)

See? Easy peasy.

Do I need a disclaimer?
No. You certainly can add one if you like, but there is a disclaimer listed right in our profile.

If you have any more questions or have a specific situation you'd like to run by me, feel free to ask here. Thanks! I love you all! :D

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[personal profile] darkrose 2010-10-06 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you! This answers all of my questions.

BTW, you are ridiculously awesome. Just saying.
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[personal profile] alias_sqbr 2010-10-06 05:13 am (UTC)(link)

What about meta, or other sorts of creative works like vids, icons, songmixes etc? (nb the only one of these I am likely to post is meta, but I thought it was worth asking :))
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[personal profile] sqbr 2010-10-10 12:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Awesome, I will keep that in mind :)
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[personal profile] scarylady 2010-10-06 11:18 am (UTC)(link)
I love this comm to little bitsies. I love the easygoing mods and the clarity of help we get. I love the lack of judgement. I love the warmth and friendliness.

I really, really hope we can keep all these things once we are bigger.

Which does bring me to a question; one that I hope never comes up. What are you going to do if someone joins who is a sandcastle kicker? I don't mean in the obvious troll sense, but it would only take one regular dose of low-grade meanspiritedness to change the atmos entirely. Are the mods going to be prepared to step in and ban?
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[personal profile] scarylady 2010-10-06 05:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Okedoke, that's fair enough.
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[personal profile] llamasam 2011-04-19 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, I have a question for you my dear.
Can each individual chapter be rated differently? I was just wondering...Because usually my stories tend to start out PG and end up being 18+
XDD Haha. I doubt anything I write will ever be over M. But then again, you never know...Heh.
Oh, me and my silliness. Heh.
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[personal profile] somniari 2011-11-11 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
Apologies if I sound like a complete noob (it's been a while since I've used a journal) but how do you post to the People of Thedas community site?
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[personal profile] somniari 2011-11-13 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you muchly!