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I have returned, and I have two questions this time:

1. Is there some sort of secret to saving/importing an ultimate sacrifice playthrough? When I imported for my current DA2 playthrough, the last save file I had was for Fort Drakon, presumably the autosave when transitioning into the archdemon fight. I have heard that you can save during the epilogue, and that will be considered a full game when imported instead of giving that funny warning. I'm just not sure how to do that with a US, since the Warden doesn't get the throneroom scene between the last cutscene and the epilogue slides. I'd like to know, for future reference.

2. I am searching high and low for a beta for my DAO F!Brosca fic. It's kind of an odd format (epistolary) and has basically no shipping. An odd duck, you could say. Anyone interested? I'd be very grateful for any input before I put it out there, especially since it's my first fic in this fandom.

Thank You!

Mar. 29th, 2012 01:31 am
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...For all your thoughtful replies to my request for info on DAII. I was very pleased to see so many positive replies which still acknowledged the fact that DAO and DAII are completely different games. I thought perhaps that would be the tack I'd need to take.
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Good news, my darlings! They have made me full time, promoted me, and smacked me onto a day shift, so Dragonmod will be back around running things, leaving comments, and posting screenshots of questionable taste. :D

In celebration of this fact, have a video. During the Captain's Condolences, I've heard (and noticed myself) that most Hawkes never get the option to ask Aveline what she was going to say about her father. Well, my Hawke just did, so I recorded it and slapped it onto YouTube for the curious.


No idea why Casimir was the chosen Hawke. As you can see, he doesn't have any sort of strong relationship with her. He's never flirted with her, either. Can anyone else think of potential flags/had a Hawke who got the option so we can compare how we got there? The curiosity is killing me.

(For the record, I reloaded and did the scene again because that whole thing was horribly OOC for Cas the Ass. He HATED Leandra.)

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I am not sure if this really counts as gameplay, but I can't think of anything else to tag it. If mods have other ideas, please let me know.

So I finished Awakening last night (reaction shots here, here, and here), then finally gave in to the inevitable and ordered DA2 this morning. But the game won't be here for several days (it will, in fact, probably arrive while I'm on vacation next week), so in the meantime, I'm eyeing the Origins Downloadable Content. I bought the Ultimate Edition of DA:O, so I have everything, and I plan to play all the expansions eventually, but I'm not certain where to start. Any advice? Does it matter at all which order you play the DLC in, or do they all stand alone?

Some possible mitigating factors: I've already played Darkspawn Chronicles and all the in-game quests. I have Very Strong Feelings about experiencing a series in its proper order, but I've been getting mixed messages regarding whether I should play the DLC before DA2.

Any and all thoughts are welcome! But no DA2 spoilers, please; I hate spoilers, and I have managed to stay pretty free of them so far. Thanks. :)
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[livejournal.com profile] jediboadicea, who authored the tactics tutorials I made a post about a couple weeks ago has refined and organized her tutorials, including one for Origins.

Please flood her with effuse praise and let her know how awesome she is!

Tactics: Intro and Basics
Tactics: Origins Revisited
Tactics: DA2 Companions

I've encouraged her to do an Awakening one, as well, since I imagine the new skills and specializations shake things up a bit from the Origins one.
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Oh, to have had these for Origins!

this and its follow-up are a couple really great posts on how to set your tactics for DA2. My party went from squishy to damn-near indestructible the moment I started using these rather than the default tactics settings. I sincerely hope she goes back and does the same for Origins.
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It's a quiet night shift and so I've put together a spreadsheet of all the crafting recipes and resources, which act they can be found in and where you find them.  I've put it on Google Docs and set it to public so you should be able to snag it.

DA II Crafting

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OK, I'm a little confused with the friendship/rivalry thing. Can you still enter a romance with a LI if you're in rivalry status with that person? And are there gifts to give? I'm still in Act 1, so it's kind of early, I know. But so far I don't seem to be getting anywhere with any of them. LOL!

Next Key

Mar. 21st, 2011 01:50 pm
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Did anyone else find the "R" key command? I was looking through the keybindings when I saw that it'll target the closest enemy. Really a nice key! Then I just figured out today that it also will target and loot the next thing you can loot, just today. Yay! I love it.
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Spidermod told me to post this WTFupdate, and so I am obliging. It's a continuation of this debacle, and I'm putting it all under a cut as it has some Anders and Fenris LI/personal quest spoilers from the beginning of Act 3. (Don't tell me how it ends.) And fair warning: I am tired, and so the post below is riddled with parenthetical statements.

Put up yer dukes, boys )

Has this cutscene happened to anyone else? I knew the two of them had some bitter banter, but holy Mother of Andraste... this I was unprepared for.
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OK, stupid DA2 question. I installed the Black Emporium DLC, but can't find the store anywhere. Where is it?
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Last night I got to watch my Hawke snap, and the story itself is WTF-worthy enough to share with you all. Once you're done reading mine, share your current LI disasters and we can have a nice discussion about the romance mechanics in DA2.

This is Alyse Hawke. She's a rogue, and she's outside of a cut because Hawkes aren't spoilery. All other images below the cut have LI spoilers through Act 2, though.

This could not have gone worse if I'd known enough to plan for it. )

This is how my Hawke tends to look now.

::EDIT:: [personal profile] visser just bought me a paid account, so now I am going on an editing spree because WHEE ICONS. :3


Mar. 7th, 2011 09:10 am
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So I've had Leliana stealth romance me countless times. In fact, it's what she's good at, but right now I am staring at Alistair's character screen and going D:

Adhara was just stealth romanced by Alistair. Tesni has been sneak!kissed by him countless times and it has always ended badly, but this Alistair appears to be an emotional masochist, because when she told him she wasn't interested he a) approved, and b) decided they're a couple anyway. My poor stuffy Dalish is hiding in a corner, clutching a rose she didn't want, going  ಠ_ಠ. Every time she tries to talk to him he goes "yeeeeees?" and her options are "Let's bone!" or "Let's break up!"

"But I just let him down!" she says. "I don't even know why he gave me the rose! I threatened to kill him!"

Knowing my luck she'll break up with him again and he'll fall from "care" to "love." AUGH.

Has this happened to anyone else? Share your fun/traumatic Alistair sneak romance stories.


Feb. 28th, 2011 10:28 pm
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hlep! i'm totally lost!

i just got the pc version (thanks to [personal profile] 1smut_princess's awesome generosity), and i have all these downloads, and now wtf do i do with them? all the instructions make NO SENSE.

i'm not a total n00b; i know how to navigate my file trees and stuff, as i've modded the crap out of my sims - all three of them. it's not my first time with this stuff, i just don't know where to put the files.

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So, except for the possibility that I may go back and tweak a couple choices, I've completed my canon game for Origins, and intend to import it to Awakening.

Problem is, I'm having a bit of trouble with what's supposed to happen when the game ends.

It's been many months now since I did a playthrough to this point, but the last time I did it, after the epilogue slides and the game credits, my character was deposited on one of the "random encounter" deserted roads, from which I could access the map and go back to camp, manage my inventory, talk to my companions (not that there was much left to say at that point, but I did get the post-Taliesen conversation from Zevran once that way.)

Now, however, when I get to the endgame, after I leave the coronation scene, I get the slides and credits, but then it takes me back to the main menu, not to the deserted road. I can't get back to the map. The specific reason I want to do this is so that I can drop stuff in the chest at Soldier's Peak to import to Awakening, since I don't know how to make the cross-character armory in The Winter Forge work.

At first I thought maybe it was DahliaLynn's wedding mod that was interfering, so I uninstalled that, but still nothing.

Anyone else have any idea what might be happening?


Feb. 11th, 2011 03:57 pm
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La reine est mort. Vive la reine!

There were a few casualties when my desktop exploded. Among them were Evelyn, Adhara, Reid, Faolan, Tesni, and Berkana my Epic Aeducan. But my computer runs faster and I don't have more partitions than a Titanic that actually wouldn't have sunk, so it was a trade, right? A blood-magicky trade, but. (Somewhere in my apartment the Tech!Caladrius is cackling merrily. And yes, I've had no coffee today, why do you ask?)

And don't worry. My screenshots are safe. :P

The problem is, while most of those games were completed ages ago, Tesni and Faolan refuse to stay dead. So what am I doing today? Why, reinstalling all my mods and rebuilding my morose Mahariel and insane Surana, naturally.

Which makes me wonder:

1) What would you do if you lost your saved characters?
2) Which ones would you be unable to part with?
3) Have you ever rebuilt and replayed a character you lost?
4) Which game should I complete to make "canon" for DA2? No, that one's just for me. Ignore. XD


Tesni's back. *cackles madly*
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If there has been one feature of DAO I feel I have been missing getting the most out of in the time I've been playing, it's the more challenging combat. Mostly, this hasn't been a problem because I've been doing RP playthroughs where it doesn't matter that I'm on easy mode. But even with mods that should make it possible for me to be able to play on Normal or even Hard mode, I still can't.

Part of the problem is, I think, that my computer is a bit too slow for the game. I meet the minimum specs, but there still seems to be some sort of response lag. I can throw a bomb and it will be well over a minute before it detonates. I can take aim at a TRASH mob and be attacking it for 30-60 seconds before its health bar ever drops below 100%. So it's taking a prohibitively long time for me to clear out even trash, and all the while the trash is pounding on my companions. I had to download a mod that added a bunch of elite militia at Redcliffe to have even a hope of getting through the siege with any of the town's militia alive. And that was on Normal mode.

Lag issues aside, I suspect my other problem to be that I'm not building my companions or using the tactics efficiently. Mostly, I take the "default" tactics set and tweak it a little to add things like lyrium and health potion usage.

I've decided before DA2 comes out, I want to do one final playthrough of DAO and Awakening, and I want to challenge myself a bit and do it on a harder mode. I think I will uninstall all but the most crucial mods (the ones that fix bugs and things like Advanced Tactics) to see if that helps the response lag. But I also want to get the most out of my companions and their tactics.

So, hit me. How do you have your companions built and how do you deploy them?
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Anyone who I beta for, or has beta'd for me, knows The Motto. So much as mention Orzammar in your fic, and you'll get a lovely comment in your sidebar containing the following icon:

Shimmy should be in bed. )


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DAO/DA2 gameplay, fanwork, and mod community


March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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