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Hey out there to new and old, this comm hasn't be real active in ages, but that stands to reason - DA2 was a bit of a flop when compared to DAO, and lots of us have had major life changes. Work, school, family, health, so on, so forth. But with Inquisition coming up soon(ish - fingers crossed!) we'll probably see a reawakening amongst our members, and a whole slew of new ones!

So, in interest of restarting a dialogue - what are everyone's thoughts on Inqusition so far? I mean, it's not like we've seen much of it, heard much about it - but there's the artbooks. Has anyone seen them, and if so, are there any Antiva entries (hey, it's my pet project country, I wanna know!) Or if there's been anything interesting them? What I have seen of them seems a tad impractical. The Tevinter clothing for instance is utterly crazy. Think about it, Seheron and Par Vollen are tropics, as per Sten's description (nutmeg trees do not just grow anywhere! They need tropic and subtropic temperatures, added to that is Zevran's description of Antiva as being hot), and Tevinter is pissing distance. That would indicate that Tevinter gets hot as heck, and those garments are utterly killer for that type of environment.

The Orlais and Ferelden ones make sense, except, you know, that's never what's portrayed in game.

Also, thoughts about Inquisition - Morrigan's Urthemiel/DR Baby probably isn't an adult, so the hero of the game can't be the kid. Since Inquisition takes place some point between 9:37 and 9:40, and that kid would've been born around 9:30/9:31. Do you think that the child would play a role? Some sort of Grail aspect? (This I could see as feasible, since the child would carry the soul of an Old God, think mega mage or some shit, right?)

Also, plot hole! In Witch Hunt, Morrigan says the eluvian will take her to some place far away and unknown, and a male Warden (or a hacked FemWarden) can go with her to parts unknown...but in the books, comics and whatnot, Morrigan has become part of Celene I's court. Sheesh, if that's parts unknown and far away from where Flemeth may find her...that's not real good thinking here, now is it? Complete plot hole ahoy!

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If I could get serious for a second with everyone left on this community... /ahem.

When I first started writing in this comm, I had zero confidence. I was in the middle of a deep depression, I couldn't get out of bed, I hadn't written or drawn anything in years, etc. With the help of this community, I got my confidence  back. Now, almost three years later (I've ached for you for three years, community :>) ), the famously unemployable Seven not only has a job, she has a career.

If anyone is going to PAX this year, I'm going to be in charge of  all of the internets (the company I work for wires all the LAN and wireless access, and I'm spearheading the planning). 

This comm gave me the confidence I needed to get this job and undertake this effort (this monumental effort that I am soooo not thinking about right now). Thank you, everybody, for giving me back my self. 

We now return you to your regularly scheduled smutts and drama. ;>)
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If you could get just one non-player character (not a companion) from one of the previous games to appear as a companion in Dragon Age 3, which one would it be? I know it's a silly game to play, and I know that we have no influence or say in what the game will be like, but I enjoy discussing this so much. For some reason, this topic never gets old for me.

My first choice for a companion would probably be Charade Amell, because I have an inexplicable fondness for her and I feel like we only got to see a tiny bit of her story. She could be so much more fun/interesting, she has such potential! Of course I have a huge list of NPCs and companions that I'd be thrilled to see as cameos or quest-givers, but Charade is my first choice for a companion.

Although, who knows? Maybe someone's comment will convert me to a new favorite.
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I can't actually read the post since it's blocked by my work filters (and Kotaku isn't... go figure).
But, here you go.  Be informed several hours before me.

Other articles:
The Escapist

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The Escapist has some details up on DA3.  Someone on the forums apparently took a survey about the game, and spilled the beans.  Now... while it is still in the "unconfirmed" stage of the game, there's even concept art he's flashing around.  Which makes me think it might have some grounding in fact.  

BSN thread
Another article, where they mention the survey and being asked to take down info

And... there are pictures. Which may be spoilers. And may not. Who knows.... )
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Hmmm... so what seems more likely?  "Shit, shit, shit, those were surprise announcements?!  Quick, pull it down!" or "Wheee! invented game titles out of thin air and tossed them on the schedule for shits and giggles."

Since that is a pretty impressive series of typos if that wasn't what they meant. 

I can't even fathom the leadup to them being put on the schedule if it wasn't already named... 

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We're deep into that lull between games and it's no secret that things have gotten quiet around here.  I know a lot of us have been branching out.  So... share.  What have you been up to?   Fic in any new fandoms?  Working on any OPs you want to talk about?  Let's chat!
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Hey guys! Just thought I'd give a heads up to anyone here who posts their fics to ffnet and haven't yet heard the news:

Ffnet is majorly cracking down on violations of their content ratings policy (which states no MA-rated fics, as well as other things.)

I don't know if the Dragon Age fandom has been hit yet, but I do know that a lot of fics are getting deleted. A friend of mine had two of her Glee fics deleted due to the fact that the f-word was used in the summaries.

Now, I read on their site recently (and can't for the life of me find it now) that they work on an honor system, and don't actively search for violations of the terms of service, and instead rely on other users to report such issues. I'll refrain from going on a rant about that, but it seems awfully strange to me that so many fandoms are getting targeted at the same time.

Anyway, I highly recommend Archive of Our Own as an alternative to posting fics on ffnet. They're having massive slowdowns right now due to the fact that their traffic has more than doubled in the last month, but they've set a target of about 2 weeks to get back on track. You can read more about their performance issues here. They've also got a massive queue of people trying to get accounts (about 18,000 when I checked a few days ago), but I'm hoping that the queue speeds up once they get a more robust server.

In the meantime, I've got about 10 invite codes; if anyone wants one, let me know. All gone, sorry!
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I've heard some people refer to their "canon" Wardens, out of all their various incarnations. Closing in on the end of my second playthrough (f!Surana blood mage), I'm interested to hear about other people's experiences. Do you have a canon Warden, is it the first one you played, and what sort of Warden were they?

I haven't played all the origins yet, but from the hints in the game and from other people's stories, I can already see myself developing elaborate "canon" versions of each origin, separate and different from how my game might have turned out. See, I make a lot of choices that are specifically to experience parts of the game I haven't played yet, and also to unlock achievements. But, what I play is not necessarily what makes most sense to me from a characterization POV.

That's part of the reason I picked Surana for my second game, because she's kind of a wild card in my eyes. Maybe I put too much stress on characters being a product of their upbringing, though.

Anyway, everyone loves talking about their characters, and I'd love to hear your stories.
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Draconic intelligence? I fought "Andraste" yet again last night and found myself wondering about why she would care anything about the Urn. So, her blood would form a connection to the magical power of the Urn? That seems to be what's implied. Anyway, how would she know such a thing? And is that the only reason for creating her cult? And if you're a dragon, how would you convince someone that it's a good idea to drink your blood? And if the Urn weren't involved, why would you do such a thing to begin with?

This is one of those little things I keep coming back to, so I thought I'd see what the bright minds here might have to say. All theories are welcomed with open arms!

Oh, and thanks to everyone who shared her/his thoughts on DAII. I ordered my copy yesterday. Yay, Amazon!
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No, not too soon.  The last couple days have had some interesting news for the franchise. 

Bioware has announced that they are cancelling further DLC and a planned expansion for DA2, and moving right on to DA3.  (edit to add, they have also said there won't be a DA2 collectors/legacy edition that includes the DLC, so if you were holding out for that....might as well pick it up next time you see a good deal).

DA3 will, apparently, be neither Warden nor Hawke related.  And will draw from Skyrim. (Whatever that means...)

There are also hints it won't import previous games.
Let the speculation begin!
Read more... )

Thank You!

Mar. 29th, 2012 01:31 am
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...For all your thoughtful replies to my request for info on DAII. I was very pleased to see so many positive replies which still acknowledged the fact that DAO and DAII are completely different games. I thought perhaps that would be the tack I'd need to take.
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I'd just like to hear what anyone who cares to comment has to say. DAII has come down enough in price so that I'm considering buying it. I've heard all the criticisms -- lack of story, lack of character development, hate the convo tree, horrible elf morphs, repetitive areas and so on. However, does the game have anything to recommend it? I like series, and I like to get all the installments thereof. However, if DAII is an utter waste of money, I'll just keep replaying DA:O/Awakening and bide myself in patience for DAIII. (And, I really hope they come up with an actual name for the next installment.)
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It occurs to me that the lovely, and altogether too modest, [personal profile] msbarrows has not linked her latest work here.  She mailed me a link over a week ago and I intended to bung it up, but press of events stopped me.

Therefore, I present to you the dulcet tones of this lovely lady, reading 3 short DA fanfics, including one of my own.  I'm proud to have been included in her selections.


PS.  This exercise also got me thinking about how differently I would write if I was writing for audio as my primary media.  There were a few things - in the story of mine that she picked - which worked well as the written word, but didn't translate perfectly for a voice file. 

Hmm.  Anyone had any experience of writing for audio and fancies chipping into a debate?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

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In my ongoing attempt to get into Skyrim, I was going through the Elder Scrolls Wiki, trying to understand the lore. It occurred to me that Tamriel and Thedas are mirrors of each other in some ways, particularly with regard to the elves.

In Dragon Age:

- Elves were conquered and enslaved by a nation based on the Roman Empire, run by magically-gifted humans.

- Elves rose up against their human oppressors led by a female prophet whose name began with "A".

- An elven leader of the slave revolt was given a place in religious canon, which was later removed.

- Elves are no longer immortal. After contact with humans, elven lifespan decreased; most live only as long as humans.

- Elves are considered second-class citizens at best, and many have internalized that.

In the Elder Scrolls:

- Magically-gifted elves enslaved humans.

- Slaves rose up against their elven oppressors, led by a female prophet whose name began with "A", from a culture based on the Roman Empire.

- A human leader of the slave revolt was added to the pantheon. Later, the elves forced the humans to ban his worship.

- Elves are no longer immortal, but still live much longer than humans.

- Elves still consider themselves superior to humans, and are trying to maintain their political power over them.

Reading this, some of the voices in my head spoke up. Mira wants to play "downtrodden human and elven oppressor" with Alistair. Julian thinks that having Fenris as his elven overlord sounds really hot. And Fenris...is disturbed by the idea of a world where elves are in power and are just as bad as the Magisters.

So what do you guys--and your characters--think? How would your versions of the DA characters react if they were transported to Tamriel?
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Apparently there is a reason DA2 went the way it did. Like it or hate it, there are aspects that are extremely different from other BioWare games in DAII.

The senior writer wanted it to be more like Twilight (the underline is merely because it is a book title, not stressing any distaste - hubby had to ask as he's reading over my shoulder).

Complaints of a Senior Game Writer

Now - what confuses the (insert a stream of inappropriate words please) "stuffing" out of me is why on earth would someone who does not like playing video games would become a senior writer in the gaming industry? Granted it could give an edge on how to appeal to a broader audience...as in those who don't like video games. But then would it still be a video game if one took all that out? Also, the trash battles, with 'hey ser bandit please fall over dead for the thousandth time, m'kay?' and his buddies, are suddenly explained.

Thoughts, observations?

Should gameplay suffer for plot? Or plot suffer for gameplay? What elements could balance these things, do you think?
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Well then, prepare to be wildly disappointed since I'm actually being completely innocent for once.
I just thought, you know, I use Steam. I adore Steam. I bet a lot of other PC gamers use Steam. SO... let's swap account names.

Then we can all be Steam buddies and stay up late gossiping and braid each other's hair and... yeah, sorry. It is one of those days. I have a DJ gig in like three hours and am wildly unprepared. So... there we have it: I take my nerves out on you.

I would have added Origin as well but their account login has been not working and hi, EA, that totally does not make me want to use your service that you are forcing on me, jerkfaces.

But I digress.

PC gamers, let's share!
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Signups Closed
Sugar and Spice Swap


We're now in the process of matching everyone up.  In a couple days you should know who you will be writing for.  Since we have an odd number of participants it may not end up being exact pairs.

For more info on the timeline see the original post.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact myself,[personal profile] lenna_nightrunner , or any of the other mods.


Jan. 13th, 2012 05:06 am
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Ferelden or Orlesian?

On the dragonage.wikia there's conflicting entries. One says it's part of Ferelden, another says it's part of Orlais. Then there's the statement in game from Riordan about being from Jader and so he was 'Ferelden' or 'a-okay with Ferelden' sort of sentiment, like no one would think it odd he was there...

Orlesian City List
Ferelden City List

Has anyone read the books and if so, do they say if Jader is Orlesian or Ferelden?

One hypothosis I have is that perhaps it was originally part of Ferelden, but was left to Orlais during the withdrawal of occupational forces. Or vice versa - that it is now part of Ferelden and been ceded over as a sort of...concession to Ferelden for the occupation... Thoughts?
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Found upon Reddit a post from a game forum. Now what this has to do with Dragon Age is that I've heard similar arguments from males about how females 'are taking over and ruining gaming' and 'should just stick to Farmville' as well as 'if the female character was realistic she would have to drag around her gun/weapon and get some man to help her via flirting'.

Does anyone else ever encounter the mouth-breathing neanderthal mentality when discussing games? And who else has ever wondered how we could have games that targeted us rather than the 'general' "14-28 yr old male" stereotype in gaming that was the linchpin standard for so long? Dragon Age is one of the few games I've ever viewed as being okay and somewhat realistic with a moderate lack of sexism in games. While it is likely that males will generally outnumber females in the gamer demographic, does that still mean we have to settle upon weak plotting and characterization whilst sitting through boob jiggle? (Not that I mind the boob jiggle, just the over the top stuff can be distracting while trying to have an intelligent plot moving scene.)

A fine excerpt from this forum:

I am starting this thread because I see a new trend in the video/computer game world and that is the increase in strong playable female characters.
wait it gets better )


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DAO/DA2 gameplay, fanwork, and mod community


March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


To all our new friends, if you want to join and don't have a Dreamwidth account, go to this thread right now. Request a code, we've got plenty to go around!


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