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I know this comm is kind of dormant, and probably everyone is on Tumblr or something, but I'm looking for a beta reader for a DA fic, and this time it's gotta be someone who's familiar with canon. I'm concerned about characterization.

Anyone interested?
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Anyone else signing up for the new round of [profile] dragonagebb? I really want to write a big A/U fic, but longfic is notoriously my weakness. I'd like to have a reader, not for beta or SPAG, just someone who is looking forward to the next part of the story, who will spur me along a bit. Maybe help me brainstorm. What I wanted to suggest is some kind of equivalent exchange. I figured I'm not the only one who struggles with deadlines and structure, and there sure are a lot of writers in this community. Would anyone like to be longfic-buddies with me?
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It occurred to me quite suddenly that I should link my good friends on [community profile] peopleofthedas to the Merrill/Isabela primer/ship manifesto I wrote for [community profile] femslashex. It's designed to be read by people who have not played any Dragon Age games, so the first bits won't be of much interest to you. Also, I gloss over a lot of the stuff that has nothing to do with Merabela as meaningless, mostly jokingly, don't take it too hard.

Of possible interest to you is the list of fanworks I included at the bottom. If you want to recommend any other Merrill/Isabela fanworks, you can comment on that post with links.

Also, on an unrelated note: Would anyone be interested in giving a quick beta to a multiple warden A/U? It's a little short of 4000 words (wow how did it get that long) and has some het and some femslash, but no porn.
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So here I am asking for a beta again.

I have this fill from the kmeme that I want to polish up and add to my AO3 page, but I need an external perspective. Can anyone with a critical eye look over about 3600 words of Amell genfic? I'm interested in all kinds of feedback, from characterization to consistency of pacing, and especially language given my predisposition to coin phrases on the fly. I would also be delighted with more than one beta, but that's getting ahead of myself.

I am also willing to beta an equivalent length of fanfic in return. I'm willing to try any combination of characters and pairings, but I'm best with gen. Anyway, this is my beta reader personal ad, no smokers please.
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I have returned, and I have two questions this time:

1. Is there some sort of secret to saving/importing an ultimate sacrifice playthrough? When I imported for my current DA2 playthrough, the last save file I had was for Fort Drakon, presumably the autosave when transitioning into the archdemon fight. I have heard that you can save during the epilogue, and that will be considered a full game when imported instead of giving that funny warning. I'm just not sure how to do that with a US, since the Warden doesn't get the throneroom scene between the last cutscene and the epilogue slides. I'd like to know, for future reference.

2. I am searching high and low for a beta for my DAO F!Brosca fic. It's kind of an odd format (epistolary) and has basically no shipping. An odd duck, you could say. Anyone interested? I'd be very grateful for any input before I put it out there, especially since it's my first fic in this fandom.
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I don't think I've ever posted here before - I try to read what I can (between this, archive of my own, and gah! I get lost. I'll transfer stuff here someday I promise) but I am starting a project that I would love to have a beta reader/editor on. I've had very little luck finding one with the feelers I've sent out. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to scout! Let me know if it is.

I've worked as a beta reader before (love doing it!) so I don't have huge problems with grammar/sentence structure. Mainly what keeps me from doing it is a) spending too much time on my own writing and b) I'm in grad school hah.

The project I've been brainstorming/outlining & starting to write is following the life of Andraste through the people who knew and loved her - from her birth to after her death. It's multiple POV, each one is first person. So far I've got plot lines & snippets written for Maferath, Thane Shartan (elf leader), Ealisay (childhood friend), Brona (her mother), Vasilia (wife of Archon Hessarian). Other characters I plan on exploring (and have ideas for) are: Archon Hessarian, Disciple Cathaire, Disciple Havard/Havard the Aegis, one of Andraste's son's, as well as Archon Hessarian's daughter.

I've done my best to extensively review what is known about Andraste & her followers (and these characters), and I want to touch upon key points that have remained through history to try and be as canon as possible. But from what I can tell in the timelines, it's been over 1000 years since she died - so they'll be some things glorified/exaggerated/wrong.

That said, I am looking more for feedback & a second set of unbiased eyes to be looking at my work. There is no hurry on this, it's a secondary project to some other writing I'm doing. You wouldn't be on a strict timeline to edit/read the work by. I plan on writing & re-writing the entire story (hopefully with beta reader's input) before I start posting anything here/on fanfiction etc -- mainly because I want to be sure of plot continuity & timelines in relation to what is in the DA universe. I usually say my plots are M-rated, unless I'm working on a kink meme, my stories aren't hugely explicit.

Whew! Sorry that's long, I wanted to explain some of it. I'm very excited about working on this, I'd love to find someone who's eager to learn about it.

If you're interested/want to see some of my other writing/want to get to know me to see how we mesh, don't hesitate on sending me a message! I'm also willing to exchange beta-reading (I like editing!), but I'm a slow beta, just because of time constraints in my life.
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Aloha again, fellow community members. I hate asking for help, so let me get right to the point and make a clean cut.

Okay, ::deep breath:: HELP!!

My latest fic, which I initially thought would only be four chapters, is now nearing ten. And I STILL have not found anyone willing to be a copy editor. Yes, I am definitely not aspiring to be a professional writer and I have a very quirky & informal writing style, but I would still like my creative outlet to be as error-free as possible. There are lots of horrible mistakes in grammar, word choice, sentence structure, etc. that I just cannot pick out with my own extremely nearsighted eyes. And as the story grows longer, it will be an ever-increasingly daunting task for any potential editor. Please, please, please, would anyone out there please help edit my stories? I don't need a full beta (plenty of twisted and goofy ideas floating around in my brain in the limited time I have for fic-writing), but I would really appreciate help with the editing and am willing to gift my gracious editors with some DW account points or some other surprise.

If you can assist or suggest someone else who may be able to, please PM me or comment. I usually produce no more than 10k words a week of adventurous smut, keeping it on my Skydrive before posting it up to LJ, DW or FF. Just trying to do some final touch-ups on Thanks (warning: NSFW, 18+) before I start 'porting it to DreamWidth. The Lowly One is already on its 48th (?) installment and I've given up on trying to get that one edited.

Mahalo for your kokua!


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March 26th

Dragonmod here!

I'm not dead! Expect a bit of maintenance happening behind the scenes, as well as a post I've been meaning to get live for a while coming soon.


For the record, we're no longer considering DLC spoilerrific, especially now that we're in the dry spell between DLCs and the new DA game.

Thanks darlings!


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