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Why so quiet?

 Is Inquisition that bad or has everyone already jumped ship? Where's my smut? Where's the Qunari love? Hello?
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All my writing efforts have been contained to the kinkmeme so far. You can definitely find a lot of smut there:
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For me, anyway, Inquisition's that good. I don't have much free time as it is, but it's taking up most of it.
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Everyone seems to be too busy playing it, from what I can gather from the people I follow on various places.
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Yea still playing it, so my writing juices have been curtailed. LoLl
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Still playing!

It's sad but my favourite thing about being a Qunari is that I am REALLY TALL. As a RL shorty, I enjoy towering over everyone.
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Still playing. Still thinking. Not yet ready to look at other people's fiction. Quietly talking about the game with a handful of people.

Shortly after I started I drafted a couple thousand words of story but waiting for the holiday before I edit.

Once I'm on holiday, I'll start looking for all the Qunari smut.

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Still playing here too, and avoiding fandom as much as possible because I don't want to get spoiled. So far I have been mostly successful.
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I'm still playing and not looking for spoilers yet. There's activity, lots of it, on Cheeky Monkey's of Dragon Age.