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Inquisition on our Doorstep...

So... anyone else excited for it? :D I'm not exactly sure who's keen on what spoilers, and it's been a while, so I'll try and keep things below a cut...

I know, other than the wide range of romances that's happening, I cannot WAIT to find out WHO/WHAT and WHY all these dragons are popping out of the wood work!

I mean, let's face it, DA2's dragon was the obligatory, hey it's in the game's name, shit we need a dragon, gogogo! I don't feel like they gave us much story for that dragon.

As for the Origins dragons, Flemeth and the Andrastai wanna be had story. I don't remember if there was a dragon in Awakening OH WAIT there was that crazy spectral one? Wonder if it had anything to it...

But yea, suffice to say, other than boat loads of OTHER things that are coming with Inquisition, I'm super excited for the dragons.

What about you guys?
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I'm mostly staying out of DA:I discussions from now until whenever I get my copy of the game but just popping in to say yes, I'm looking forward to it (and I don't want story-based spoilery things on my personal tumblr or DW blog).

I'm suspecting something will happen in DA:I that will let Thedas know *why* that century is the Dragon Age. ;)

I also suspect I'll have a game over here and there when dealing face-to-face with why the Dragon Age is called the Dragon Age. From what I have seen in demos of tactical combat, the game play looks like it will be a lot of fun when battling the big bosses.
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I have not given much thought to multiplayer. It looks like an interesting style of game play but the way it has been described so far feel like a barrier to me actually playing it: you must prearranged a team of four people who all have the same gaming platform and can all meet at the same time online.

Time zone differences, platform differences, and my far too busy schedule leave me a little skeptical but I like the idea and want to see the multiplayer game missions and interface just because it interests me. So, tbd. But I doubt I can devote time to it. :/
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Very excited. We've got an Advent Calendar going for the countdown over at Cheeky Monkeys. :)
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I have been following most the spoilers on Tumblr, and watching the gameplay streams. It gets harder to wait with every single day! The game just looks so beautiful.