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Help, Oh Help

Anyone else signing up for the new round of [profile] dragonagebb? I really want to write a big A/U fic, but longfic is notoriously my weakness. I'd like to have a reader, not for beta or SPAG, just someone who is looking forward to the next part of the story, who will spur me along a bit. Maybe help me brainstorm. What I wanted to suggest is some kind of equivalent exchange. I figured I'm not the only one who struggles with deadlines and structure, and there sure are a lot of writers in this community. Would anyone like to be longfic-buddies with me?
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I was curious about dragonagebb, but that link didn't work. Is it something on Dreamwidth?

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I'm completely and totally new here. (Not sure what dragonagebb is) Also I struggled with longfic for a really, really long time. I just recently managed to push out my first that was more than like 30k words. It was certainly a challenge!

I don't mind giving some assistance if you need a hand. You can inbox me or send an email (tcregan@gmail.com)

And hopefully I'll learn to stop lurking. ^_^
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30,000 words is like 3 chapters in some of my stories. ;) Lately I've cut down to 5,000ish words per chapter, but some of them can run a bit longer.

Okay, I'm too wordy.