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Heroes of Dragon Age

Is anyone playing the new app, Heroes of Dragon Age?

It covers a lot of history and it's really quite lovely just to see the world again.  Like coming home.
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I'm playing! A little bit each day, though. I agree. I sort of felt like I did when I was first playing DAO, mainly because of all the tidy lore included in this.
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LOL, no matter how hard I try, I can't stay away from some sort of game entertainment over the course of a day. This was perfect for me because of the energy limitations, so it forces me to stop for a while and get on with my life!

I had to go look up my name! When I first got it I wasn't thinking I'd like it so I just threw a name in there. I am Marian Cousland. LOL Very original.
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App on what? iPhone?
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Thanks, I'll check it out.
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It looks kind of interesting. How much of it is Pay To Win? I'm pretty irate with EA at the moment because of the mess they've made of PvZ 2.
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Yep! I'm playing every day. Where is Zevran though? I miss him!