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[FIC] Wenches at Sea, 5/5 (Isabela/ f!Hawke)

Title: Wenches at Sea  
Characters: Isabella and f!Hawke
Rating: PG-13 ish?
Length: @ 10K

Summary: At the Eel and Oyster the tale is told of how the Scourge of the Waking Sea and the Champion journeyed with clerics, stole the Queen of Antiva, faced a demon armada, and still found time for a walk on the beach.

Final chapter!
In which a scandalous tale is told, enemies are revealed, an ending is a beginning, and the mystery of Altanera unknots.

Written as a [community profile] fandom_helps  story for [personal profile] wook77 , who requested post-DA2  Isabela-and-Hawke pirating adventures.

|:: Wenches at Sea on FFnet   ::|::   Wenches at Sea on Ao3  ::|

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