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jannifer ([personal profile] jannifer) wrote in [community profile] peopleofthedas2012-03-26 06:29 pm

Since I know there are no opionated people here...

I'd just like to hear what anyone who cares to comment has to say. DAII has come down enough in price so that I'm considering buying it. I've heard all the criticisms -- lack of story, lack of character development, hate the convo tree, horrible elf morphs, repetitive areas and so on. However, does the game have anything to recommend it? I like series, and I like to get all the installments thereof. However, if DAII is an utter waste of money, I'll just keep replaying DA:O/Awakening and bide myself in patience for DAIII. (And, I really hope they come up with an actual name for the next installment.)

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