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I was talking with Amhran_Comrac about how much we love Oghren (it's an addiction) and it came up that if he had been in DA2 there would have been some pretty priceless banters. This led to speculation about what he would call Fenris (we decided on "Glowdick") and then I thought it might be fun to write some DA:O/DA2 Banter. So here's what I've come up with so far:

Fenris: Your axe swings are too wide, dwarf.
Oghren: Hur Hur. Wide.
Fenris: I was not making innuendo. They interfere with my flanking strikes.
Oghren: Hur Hur. Flanking.
Fenris: I mean it, dwarf. If you swing that way again during battle you're likely to get your head cut off.
Oghren: ....
Anders: ....
Hawke: ....
Fenris: *sigh*
Oghren: Keep trying, glowdick.

Oghren: So if you lick him does it restore your mana?
Anders: What?
Oghren: Glowdick. He's got lyrium under his skin right? So....
Fenris: Finish that sentence and your chest cavity will be missing several organs, Oghren.
Oghren: Sure fine. But if we run out of potions during the next battle I'm totally telling Sparklefingers to get his tongue out.
Anders: Eewww.
Fenris: I can see why the Hero of Ferelden ran away.
Oghren: *to Anders* You know you _want_ to.
Anders: I'll help him kill you, Oghren.

Anyone else got some ideas? Leliana/Isabela? Shale/Varric? Morrigan/Merrill? Carver/Zevran? The potential for deliciousness is never ending :D.
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OW OW OW I'm dying over here!

I miss Oghren so stinkin much in DA2. I love him so much. I think the banter between he and Anders is totally missing. Like, in an awful way.

I shall have to think on this...
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I'm pretty sure Fenris and Sigrun would be awesome, but I am too dead to come up with anything right now!
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That would be pure gold. I, however, don't do comedy. There have been injuries in the past when I've made the attempt.
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Dying. Dying of laughter. BRB.
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hubby says, noting that he does not like Fenris:

Lyrium Lad
Glitter Boy
Toy Boy

and my personal favorite, Fluffy.
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Equinexus over at DeviantART has some that are histerical. "If Fenris was in DAO" has 3 entries. The first one is here: