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News! Get your news, fresh off the griddle!

Sorry, I may have overcooked it a bit.
I meant to post about this a couple days ago but forgot.

One Month Left!

That's right, everyone... start prepping your manifestos. We decided three months would be a decent chunk o' time for the spoiler lockdown, which means the floodgates open on June 8.

If you've been putting off that last love interest playthrough, well, there's your inspiration.

In the meantime keep using cuts and tags (and everyone has been awesome about that so far). I just wanted to give everybody a good chunk of advance warning.

And speaking of cuts and tags... don't forget the NSFW/AO checkbox when you're posting that extra spicy Sister Petrice/The Mother/Ser Jory hurt/comfort[1] yarn. We've got a lot of new members, and most haven't had time to learn who the smutpeddlers among us are. (hint: I'm one of them)

...and I almost forgot.  There's a new box on the sidebar, titled "Right Now" (as in "right now I'd love it if someone would give me a better title for that thing since that's really a bit too pta newsletter for my tastes") where you will always find any ongoing community prompts, winners of the recent prompt contest, current news... and maybe eventually a few other things we've got cooking up.  

[1]the result of me trying to think of the most unappealing DA smut ever to be conceived. Please, don't take it as a challenge! Please
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that extra spicy Sister Petrice/The Mother/Ser Jory hurt/comfort[1] yarn.

Now you've done it.
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Okay, wait, we can do this...

Jory's hallucinating, right, while dying and surrounded by Joining chalices and so forth, and we know the Architect's already in action, so the Mother is out there keening and wailing by Ostagar. The Warden's mind is too full of the archdemon, detined to be enemies and all that, but Jory, on the edge of death can ken the bitterness and anger of the mother, joining with his own resentment of being shown a group and not being a part of it.

(okay, this would have been much easier if you'd used Daveth instead, since Daveth actually drinks the damn potion.)

So Jory, in the split second before his death, and with his mind full of his pregnant wife flees, astrally to A mother, any Mother, the strongest mother he can reach through the Taint who croons that yes, the hurtful Grey Wardens are tricksy wights and not to be trusted. Sorry, Gollum snuck in a bit around the edges there.

Working Sister Petrice in, now that's a challenge.
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who the smutpeddlers among us are

At last count, absolutely everyone

*counts them again*

Yep, still everyone.
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*giggles* Some people only HINT at smut. BUT WE WILL WORK ON THAT :D.
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God I love it here. Why didn't I join this comm earlier?

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Fsck, I should really finish my first playthrough XD Curse my two well-paying, relatively enjoyable jobs!

You are amazing and make me happy.

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Sister Petrice/The Mother/Ser Jory hurt/comfort?