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What Is And What Should Never Be (Chapter 1 Page 5)

Oh snap and she manages an update before the move.  BOO-YAH!  I wasn't sure if this was going to happen or not, to be perfectly honest lol.  I'm glad it did though!

Okay seriously, Shianni is way too fun to draw.  She's going to steal the spotlight if she doesn't knock it off with the fun.  Also, Cyrion, I DON'T LIKE DRAWING YOU! *shakes fist*

Gonna go die in a pile of boxes and packing tape now.  *is ded*


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I <3 your shading. :D
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And they make us very happy readers. :)

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yay! another page! :D

sound effects ftw. \o/
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Oh yay, more of this fic!! I saw the first few on Swooping and loved them, I'm so glad to see three new pages. =)
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I'm sure you did, I stopped reading for a while for fear of DA2 spoilers, because I had to wait a bit beforeI was able to play it, so I missed a lot. Glad I was able to catch them now!! And now that you'll have a series tag it'll be even easier. Tabris forever!