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Fanfic - Shadowalker

Title: Shadowalker
Characters: f!Tabris, Shianni, Soris, Zevran and Sgt. Kylon.
Rating: T (For now.)
Word Count: 5,100 - Four chapters of a WIP.
Warnings: This is an action/adventure/romance so some violence, but nothing that you wouldn't see in the game.
Summary: In Denerim's dark underbelly, there is one who prowls the shadows protecting the innocent. But when she crosses paths with an Antivan crow, it may be her undoing.

So a while back there was an awesome prompt on the kmeme that went like this:

The City Elf Origin happens as canon, but little does Vaughan know that F!Tabris is secretly the shadow of Denerim... lone badass vigilante that saves the innocents from the dark underbelly of the city. OP wants to see F!Tabris beat the shit out of every rapist bastard there, Batman style. Ie. grabbing people out of the shadows and leaving broken bodies for them to find.

Sex could be Nelaros being F!Tabris Lois Lane (they know each other in her vigilante identity) or F!Tabris admitting to Zevran in bed her deepest secret - that she's the Denerim Shadow.

And, well, being a huge Batman fan, I really couldn't resist. So I started and it spawned a monster (which I'm certain many people on this comm know exactly how that goes). I decided to start posting over on even though it's a work in progress. Feedback is greatly appreciated. What you liked/didn't like, thought worked/didn't work is especially helpful. Links go to

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Very nice, and well written! And I just love the fact that you brought Kylon into it, he is one of my favorite npc's in the game. I look forward to the updates!
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I was just reading your latest installments on the kmeme this morning! I've been in love with this fill from post one.

I think you're doing an amazing job with the whole Dark Knight theme, from the very Batman/Catwoman feel of her first meeting with Zev, to your Commissioner Gordon... gah, so perfect!