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Comic Debut: What Is And What Should Never Be (Cover + Page 1)

Well I was going to wait and start posting until I had more than just ONE page done.  HOWEVER, I am impatient, and maybe posting will provoke me to get my ass in gear faster.  

Welcome to the debut of my comic (or would that be graphic novel?  Shit I dunno), fondly entitled 'What Is and What Should Never Be'.  This is a story arc following a gal by the name of 'Ren' Tabris, an elf from the Denerim Alienage, and her journey to become one of the legendary Grey Wardens.  I digress however, because if you don't know that by now, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?  ;D

I like to think that this will offer some individual offsets as well as a storyline itself.  Of course it's going to follow the linear timeline of Origins, but I won't go completely bat-shit insane by drawing out every single plotline.  I'm not THAT batty.  You know... yet.  >.>

Any Led Zeppelin fans will probably recognize the title; I'm a nerd I know!  

Let's see... anything else I can ramble on about?  Why yes, there is!  As is the nature of this game, there will be graphic scenes of violence, blood, and probably some sexy stuff later on, as well as mentions of rape.  Oh and language, including plenty of blasphemy involving Andraste's body parts, and the Maker's holy ball sack.  I'm pretty sure the majority of the people who follow/participate in this community are kosher with that, but I will indeed slap a warning on the pages that involve such adventures.

SO!  Without further adieu (and any further attempt for me to stick my foot in my mouth, my socks don't taste good), I bring you the cover and first page of 'What Is and What Should Never Be'!  ENJOY!

Beginning: YOU'RE HERE!

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